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  • betsy1940 betsy1940 Aug 3, 2004 11:32 AM Flag

    Nice Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article

    The business section of today's Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel had a lengthy and very optimistic article about MTW. It should be a great year for the company.

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    • Come on, Stokk. What baiting tactics? The "calm down" was purely in jest. Look, what I am about to say is not stated out of an attempt to "reach out for sympathy". Rather, it is an atempt to gain perspective. People on this board, have even accused me of being a baby killer in Vietnam and shooting people in the back - all becasue I criticized Growcock.

      I sincerely believe in my comments re: management and I have always stated that they are just that -- my opinions.

      Nevertheless, the following are "facts" from S&P reports. As far as S&P. 10,000 invested 5 years ago is now worth less than 8,500. This is from the latest report, the one that still has a 42.00 target price. I know it is difficult to compare MTW to other comapnies however here are some numbers of what 10,000 would be worth, according to S&P. These numbers are given in the report which I was able to access through my on-line broker. I do not believe they are available via Yahoo, however your local library should have S&P.

      CAT=14,400. Terex=12,900, Deere = 18,000, Hitachi == 7800.

      You can access comparison charts via yahoo. While these charts do not provide exact numbers they do illustrate how 2 companies have performed head to head over the past 1 to 5 years.

      Enough of beating a dead horse into the ground. EVERYONE do your own research, if you believe in management then go for it. The issue with MTW is not their product line -- they do not really have what you would refer to as a "main" competitor. Their only so-called competitor is management.

    • Kent,

      First, you have resorted to a tired baiting tactic that is frankly beneath you in leading your comments with "clam down." I am now, and have always been, quite calm in posting messages to this board.

      Second, I never said you insulted me the way you insult Betsy. However, I have several times had my credibility called into question with suggestions that I am an officer or a secretary or whatever.

      Third, I don't know exeactly when Terry took over, but I urge you to take a look at a chart that compares the performance of MTW to that of the S&P and Dow. You can do it on Yahoo. First look at the "Max" chart, which I think goes back more than 10 years if I recall correctly. Then look at the 5 year chart. You'll see that MTW has performed generally in line with the markets. On the 5 year, for example, MTW did better than the S&P, and not quite as well as the Dow (unless I'm reversing it... I didn't print the charts). But ther three are pretty close.

      Now you may feel that good management could do markedly better than the overall market, but I'm not so sure. As I said, MTW is now and always has been a cyclical stock. It is itself a diversified company, and over the long term, I don't think you can criticize performance in line with the overall markets.

      Fourth, I know you question the Grove and Potain acquisitions. I agree that the cost of the money to make those purchases is very high. But keep in mind that cash-flow, which is so important when a company is carrying debt, has remained strong. I think the jury is still out on the Grove and Potain issue.

      Finally, I have never suggested that you don't have a right to express yourself on this board. I have that right, too. And my earlier comment was simply to say that the idea that MTW management is putting moles on the MTW Yahoo message board to pump up public opnion of the company or management or whatever is patently absurd, since so very few people participate here.

    • Betsy, you are the one misleading people when state there was/os a 5 star recommendation on the comapany from Baird and company..

    • Ist of all,,, "Betsy" ever listen to WTMJ - 620 on yor radio dial ????? The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is a bunch of "baffuns".
      So what ever they say isn't worth the paper it's written on.

      2nd thing ,,, "we" on this chat room took a vote & we want you to supple us with what ever your Smoking,, taking (internally) or drinking.
      You must be the wife of a board member or an officer. Because "your" posts sound like you've been high on something or your Sleeping with the guy who's telling you what to say.

      If your Terry,,, Betsy ???? come on Terry you can do better than that. Use Ronnie,,or Bruce because if the SEC finds out your doing any "insider trading" Those names are going to be names you'll be familiar with in Waupan.

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