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  • burgersboat burgersboat Aug 4, 2004 8:51 PM Flag

    Nice Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article

    You come on here & say things are all "Rosey". Have you been living under a rock ??

    The board goes from 4 dividends a year to 1
    The board goes from $1.00/share dividend to $.25/share
    The board passes a proxy saying they would like to give shares to people whom "They" feel has out done themselves. THAT'S WHAT THEY GET PAID FOR.
    The President says thing are going good and in the mean time he's selling his shares faster than U can say "Sell"
    A suggestion was given to the board asking that they post how they voted on certain issues,So we "Share Holders" can use that info. when it comes time for re-elections (still waiting for that)!!!

    And "U" say things are all Rosey.

    Come on "Betsy" who U working for???
    Are U Terry's Secretary ???

    Your right Betsy The Company is doing well But is the board ???

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    • Alright, well I have to chime in, now.

      If you really think MTW officers are spending their time or having their assistants spend their time posting messages on yahoo, you need to get out more. There are about 5 people who check this board. Nothing that is said here has any influence on the company whatsoever. Even Terry must know that.

      Also, your comments about the dividend are meaningless. The total amount paid in dividends per year has not changed.

      Finally, as to Terry et al., the performance of this company has been okay lately -- not stellar, but okay. The quarterly earnings report this week was also okay. The company reported earnings 3 cents better than consensus estimates, and reaffirmed guidance for the year.

      I think the prospects for MTW look pretty good (today's action notwithstanding). It has always been a cyclical stock, and it always will be. We may see a little further move down, but when steel and oil prices come back down to Earth (as they will some time), we are well positioned.

      Burger, Kent, etc., if you guys want to waste your time insulting me and calling me Terry's bitch, I suppose you can do that.

      • 2 Replies to stokkpikk
      • Stokk -- calm down. Your posts are always well thought through -- even if at times I do not agree, I do not believe I have ever called you an insulting name. I was going to write another satirical post re: management but let's get to the point. If you invested 10,000 when Terry "took over" it would be worth less than 8,500. today. Compare that to CAT, Terex or other "competitors" and you will see that it is a dismal performance. Terry talks a good show but has not produced good returns -- He seems to be hung up on EVA and book value. Unless you bought at 20.00 you are not even breaking even over the past 7 years of terrys reign. I know, I know, if I do not like management then get out -- and to a certain degree I have reduced my position over the years. Neverthelss, this is one great company that has been poorly led --ie. overpaying for grove, financing debt at 10 1/2%, going into the european market via a French company, unable to avoid what i consider unnecessary contract problems(with one of the finest work forces in the world -- I am not a union rep either), hiring management people who had little expertise in cranes, using stock options to pay management-- a practice that DOES NOT reward peformance because it gives management the opportunity to buy at much lower prices and sell at higher prices than the average investor -- to name a few. Yes, you are correct that not many people read this board. Nevertheless, I appreciate the opportunity to present my opinions.

      • Thanks Stokkpikk. Yours was one of the few intelligent posts on this board on which too many idiots are noting rather nasty and uninformed comments.
        Good luck!

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