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  • burgersboat burgersboat Oct 27, 2004 7:26 PM Flag

    MTW Earnings

    Earnings UP 77% ,,,,, Dividend NOT up 77% ------- the SAME,,,,,oh dats right they gotta pay for da 2nd jet,,da stock give-away (to people who get paid 4 what they're suppose to do,but "Some people" feel they should get more)

    What REALLY pisses me off is this stock option crap.. Da "Guys" get da stock @ around $19.95/share & sell it for $ 30.00+ /share....Hey guys Don't U have faith in YOUR OWN company or r U in it just for da money ????
    U guys are Blatantly screwing da stock holders by yor actions & I see "U" don't give a "F_ _ _ K

    Da saying "All for one & one for all" (4-Musketeers)
    Is "All for me & Screw U all"

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    • Here's a story I heard several years ago,, If I remember right,it went like this:
      Manitowoc had a manufacturing facility in Bay City,MI., The union contract had expired & the union's demands were more than John West wanted to give them. He told the union reps. that the Co. couldn't afford it. The union said that if he didn't give in to their demands, they would go out on strike. John told them that if they did that, he'd move the operation back to Manitowoc. The union called his bluff & "hit da bricks"!!! John started moving the plant out the very next day. Within a month the manufacture operation was back in Manitowoc.

      There's where the Union didn't work.

      I've always said that if a company has a Union,,they deserved one. The company didn't treat their workers with respect.

      That respect though is a two way street.

      I've worked in both both positions,, as a union & non union worker. So I've seen both sides.

      I sure wish I were working in the Auto industry,,getting $45.00/hr putting 6 screws, Now that's my type of job.

    • Your points are well taken. Please, your post was definitely not "mean-spirited".

      Is it true that in the right to work states, unions have the opportunity to "unionize" a company?

      Yes, the union as an entity support Kerry. I do not beleive that many union members may support Bush. Please undertand that many small business will be hurt when taxes are increased when Kerry is elected. For example, a friend of mine owns a small unionized company -- employs 350. He states that under the current tax law he was ablt to hire 35 more workers. If the tax law is reversed then he will need to lay off. Even in my own business, less than 20 employees, the new tax law enabled me to hire 2 more workers.

      I understand that some people may choose to believe the above scenarios are atypical. However, from my expereince it is the norm for many small businesses.

      I honestly believe that both political parties believe in the concept of a fair wage. That is, a worker should be able to support his/her family without working 2 jobs.

      Ohio is an example of a state full of people who refuse(d) to re-educate themselves. We watched the steel and rubber jobs leave and kept hoping they would return. Ironically, Bushs steel tarrif recently resulted in record steel profits and the old LTV, Wheeling etc companies being purchased.

      As far as MTW is concerned, I think for all regular readers they know how I feel about management. I repeat, the MTW "family" of unions are indeed the heart and soul of the company.

      Also, it never ceases to amaze me how both parties support NAFTA -- what a farce!

    • Unions do support Kerry, and rightly so.

      I don't mean to have this come off as mean-spirited. This board has been civil and it is good to keep it that way.

      My point though and I do have one is:

      The problem isn't with the unions in the northern states, it is with the right to work laws and lack of unions in the southern states.

      Yes workers in the south can be had for less, but is that really good for all?

      With my kids now out of state we've traveled south many times. The average home of the average worker seems to decline as you go further south. My take on that is that it is a direct result of the non-unon laws of those states. Even northern Iowa average homes don't measure up to the average Manitowoc Wis home. If you take the unions out of Manitowoc, would the standard of living decline for the average worker? I thnk it would.

      Good to see the kooks have left the board.

      Go Manty!

    • Burger sorry i keep mis-spelling your name. Anyway, I believe it is Kerry or is it his family (he says sarcastically that owns several SUV's).
      Unions -- Unions can be good or bad. Less than 20% of workers today are union . In Ohio, one of the main reason jobs are leaving is becasue of the unions. When I say they are leaving I do not mean out of country. Many of the Auto plants just went to the southern states. Goodyear went south but management in my opinion were/are the main culprit for the companys demise. Close to home Timken would like to stay but the unions still believe they can "force" their hand. The unions tried this approach with Hoover and Hoover moved. Diebold did the same. All you have to do is look at Youngstown to see what the unions did there to realize the negative side of unions. Ohio is heavily union and one of the hardest hit for loss of jobs. Anyone who thinks this is just a coincidence needs to take thier head out of the sand! This may seem contradictory but everything I have read and followed over the years with MTW would indicate that the MTW family of unions are pretty good group.
      Oh well, as they say in Chicago -- everyone vote and vote often. LOL

    • Listen, this was welcome news to me. I was worried about the recent insider selling. As I have said before, though, options at a discount are a perfectly normal and acceptable form of compensation.

      Here's what I take from today's report, however it is received tomorrow: nice revenue growth; earnings guided toward upside of range; crane sales FINALLY picking up... I'm feeling okay about today's report.

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