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  • burgersboat burgersboat Jul 17, 2007 10:59 AM Flag

    MTW's Emergent Growth (7/15/07)

    That's quite a report, unfortantely I only understood a portion of it.
    Item #2, I believe these "environmental engines" have been in the works for many many years. It's the law or standards that the engine mfg.'s had to meet by 2007.
    Unless the present installed engine in a crane is super old (like 10 years or older) These new "Environmental Engine" equipped cranes shouldn't increase sales too much.
    I'm sure the older cranes are "Grand-Fathered" in just like the trucking industries. If the trucking companies had to replace all their engines in their rigs, they'd go broke.

    #3. Doesn't MTW have a "poison pill" thing? Something just for this type of situation.
    You said Caterpillar would be a Prime Candidate for this.
    Sure Cat. is a big Co., but do you think their THAT BIG??.
    I think someone like Mitsabitchi (however you spell that name)is a more likely candiate.

    #4. I don't quite understand what your point is in this paragraph other than saying India is the country of the future.
    If your saying India would be a candiate to buy out MTW?, I think you may be wrong there. Why buy the company when you can buy just a crane and copy it?
    The instability in area of the world is another factor. There are countries in that area that have the notion that having a Nuclear bomb is the way to go. A couple of bombs dropped in the wrong (or maybe the right) place could turn India into the worlds largest Sand-box.

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    • #2 True there is a grandfather claus. However, there is usually a grace period, meaning that after so many years you just cannot use the crane. I interpeted his comments to mean that MTW is a leader in environmental technology, which will in the long run make MTW cranes that much more attractive as companies prepare to meet environmental regulations.

      #3 The so-called poisen pill only makes it more difficult to be taken over -- does not prevent a take over bid like the proverbial offer you cannot refuse. Yes, CAT is that big and could finance an offer. However, If and boy I think it is a VERY unlikely IF, someone would make an offer, I believe it would be a private investment group. To me this would make more sense as they would probably divide and sell each unit -- this is one time I think the value of the parts are greater than the whole.

      #4 I just read it simply as meaning that India needs a lot of cranes because of all the infrastructure building. While manual labor is plentiful and cheap it cannot complete projects at the pace that is needed currently in India. Thus, the need for MTW cranes.

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