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  • coollavrio coollavrio Dec 8, 2008 10:30 AM Flag

    TEX versus MTW = 1 - 0

    I do my dd on this sector and i find that TEX is much better than MTW.

    TEX has better growth, higher profit margins, lower PE, lower PBV etc. than MTW.

    In addition, TEX does not have an unprofitable Q3 like MTW which is an ominous sign for its profitability during the upcoming quarters since the economy is in recession.

    On the contrary, TEX has consistency in earnings every quarter and y-o-y.

    The recession will last until 2010 so what about the Q4 of 2008 or the quarters of 2009 of MTW if they started losing money in Q3 of 2008?

    I think you need to do your dd with TEX before you proceed with any purchase of MTW.


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    • I think both stocks are well worth considering. The PEG ratios for both are almost identical. The P/E ratios aren't far apart and are ridiculously low. One thing in MTW's favor is the balance sheet. Both firms have strong balance sheets, but MTW actually has more cash than debt.

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      • IMO, the impact of Enodis aquisition is not reflected on the balance sheet as displayed on Yahoo yet. From what I can glean, MTW is well prepared for 09 having made adjusting RIFs based on a solid forecast. That is not to say the unknowns don't have more far reaching negative potential. But then they are unknown, aren't they. TEX has a different product mix than MTW. While TEX has a line of cranes, they also have a full line of CAT type dirt machines and also producing equipment (crushing, screening, asphalt & concrete batch plants). MTW is cranes and food service equipment.

    • terex long term may be better, but I bought MTW for the possible buyout next year,but will do well anyway with infrastructure boom coming in 09, we could easily see high teens next 3 months ?

    • Burgersboat sorry for being so harsh. It appears the management team is not favored by many. Internally they made a poor deal, and the unpredictable economy has thrown them a fast ball which may end up being a strike.

    • burgersboat - that clown has no MTW shares - he's simply here trying to hound me because of a disagreement we have on the EVK board (another Chinese company that needs people of his ilk pumping it endlessly). I'm sorry he and his alterego coollavio can't keep it there.

      And Merry Christmas to you as well.

    • "Mindwatcher"
      Look back @ my posts, I'm sure not a "Flag waving management supporter".

      My comment to NAKI-- was that I /We are getting a little tired of him continually cutting down the MTW company.

      I and I'm sure lots of others here can't afford to sell our interest in MTW, and if we did, where we going to go?
      Oh sure we can stick our necks out and buy TEX or CAT or BAX or whatever, but are their futures any brighter than MTW.
      Remember MTW had a great future too untill "Da boys @ da top" did a bonehead thing w/Enodis & Bay Ship.

      The talk of removing "da boys" is pure hogwash. You're not going to get to 1st base there. Look @ the amt. of shares the institutions hold in this co.
      We don't have enough shares to off-set them.
      I've been criticizing (sp) top management for years and it hasn't done any good.

      Several years ago I proposed that we (the stockholders) get a voting record on how the B of D vote on all items. That way when it came to re-electing them, we'd see where they stood on all issues. Have you seen that record yet?? I haven't.

      Just ease up on the critizium, we all basically agree with you, but we're just not as vocal as you.

      Merry CHRISTmass

      Now there predicting 6-12" of the white stuff starting Thurs. night.
      It's still snowing here. About 3" on the ground.
      Don't say a thing "Yooper" lol

    • Well BurgersBoat I would have to agree with him on MTW. This stock is crap but who knows maybe Tellock might throw his money back in to make up for all his piss poor decision making he has done. This company is coming into serious problems no matter if you or anybody likes it. If you are such a supporter than join a club or start a MTW baking fair. These post are for all who wish to comment weathor good or bad. So get a freaking grib you are acting like a teen idol fan that just read bad PR. Or better yet apply maybe Tellock will give you a job personnally cleaning the floor under his desk. Are you sure you aren't in the pie business.

      This stock is currently moving in a unpredictable way just like many others in these hard times. The short rise and falls are because of the unpredictable news and possible government aid/bail outs. But that says nothing for the management team that has proven they are very weak. When the smoke begins to clear I think the numbers will drop and all this activity of cowboy management will prove to be detremental for the long term investors.

    • Burger, just so he knows you didn't give the stars to yourself, I gave them to you.

      Hope you enjoy the white stuff. We had some (about 1/2 to 1") last Wednesday evening. Was our snow for the decade.


    • Exactly what point are you trying to make??
      If you're so dead set on MTW being a bad company, why don't you sell your stock and move on??
      You bashing the company is doing nothing for the rest of us who are staying with it.

      You act like a guy who got a "Dear-John" letter. live with it and go out and find another girl (Stock).
      You telling us all the bad things about MTW is falling on deaf ears. If we all followed your lead and sold our shares, what would that accomplish other than taking a lose.

      AS to all those "Stars" listed after your posts, you're not suppose to give yourself the stars. If we feel your post is worth it, we'll give you the Stars.
      Frankly, I haven't seen any of your posts that derserve even 1 star.
      Like "Odd-Ball" on Kelly's Hero's says, "Chill-out your sending out negative vibs"

      If you continue to post "Negative-Vibs" than maybe your next visit to anywhere should be to a "Shrink"
      or a bar.

      Snowing tonight, we're suppose to get 3-5" than get "Nailed" on Thurs. with something nasty.

      For all you ATHEISTS out there,,,
      Merry CHRISTmas

    • What are these "problems" you are referring to?

    • Well - one your facts are misleading. MTW had a loss in Q3 only due to a currency hedge related to the purchase of Enodis. Take away that hedge and they had an excellent quarter - better growth and margins then TEX.

      State the facts not your opinionz bozo.

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