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  • tablefishdollarsign tablefishdollarsign Jun 5, 2009 8:51 AM Flag

    Today will pay off.

    Hopefully BAC will come up today again and orchestrate a buy-out, they are really cheap for all the mining and ag equiptment they make. $42!!!!

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    • just as I thought, you don't have anything to support your opionion.

    • It wouldn't do any good anyway. Too bad. Have a good life.

    • Well, the one thing I can say is that I have never worked for Tellock nor would I ever, This guy is a snake in the grass and like I said "yes" his regime. The whole mess of them needs to be removed from their current positions. They have destroyed the legacy of this company that was built by the hard working individuals of this community. If MTW could navigate through the current economic down falls and just maybe in twenty years or so when they have recovered the cost of purchasing Enodis it might pay off. But either way these are very large maybees. Tellock is a reckless fool that is trying to be big bigger than his shorts allow. It is just too bad he will disolve the hard work of so many. I really love his last speach he game claiming that he will not allow anyone to blame him for the finacial hardships the company is enduring. Please he is the CEO and President, he is 100% responsible for the companies performance and all of its employees actions while under his watch. I also found much humor in his verbal threats that he also added that he and MTW would seek action after anyone who questioned their ways or tried to tarnish their reputations. A real speach from a real leader. I am pretty sure if this moron was a officer in the forces not a single individual would trust him with their lives.

      Let's face it MTW elected the cook to drive the boat because he just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I know many people that worked with him there when he started and they pretty much called it like it was. Prior to his election to CEO many claimed he would drive this company to the ground. I guess they all knew what the hell they where talking about. You also got to love the fact the company is taking a record hit, laying off employess and faced with debt restructuring but he didn't miss giving himself a raise, DID HE? So you can defend him and the Enodis actions all you want but like I stated earlier.

      Show me somthing to support his good well being and doings as well as the companies financial stability. Because right now it is just hanging on a thread and everytime its stretched MTW and its followers do a lot of talking like used car sales man but still fail to delivery anything of viability.

    • Tellock Regime? Are you really so convinced that ONE person that you used to work for is the downfall (and it isn't) of a company.

      Stop being so bitter and look at the potential that can happen with the symbiotic joining of Enodis and Manitowoc Ice.

      Not ALL of corporate America is after the world.

    • Tellock Regime is correct. Food service must have a mole in place,,, destroying the whole

    • I do not disagree with you, I am from the area and have many freinds and even some family members that have worked there. I am very upset with the sale of the marine division and wish to see this company and stock succeed for the sake of many people. But I am also looking at the destruction that has happend since the Tellock regime has began from his days as just the president.

      I do welcome all opinion for I do have ngeative things about this company that I am basing off of several facts. I am only asking that if people want to defend against my opinion that is based off of many facts that are occurring to please show some supporting facts to argue the point not to just respond with childish emotional rants.

    • These emotions are human nature. When an individual has lived near,possibly worked for
      or associated with many of the employees, it
      is normal in this case to be bitter. To take
      a company with cash reserves, sell the beginnings of a company (ships), to buy a company that the last CEO (Growcock) said
      was too much in price. They were too proud
      (STUPID)not to back out of. Billions in dept !
      By all means form your own opinion. But don't tell a individual to "keep your own negative opinions to yourself".
      You might learn something from it !

    • Well based on the facts, the doom is more than the gloom. So if you have anything solid that demonstrates more then the negative I am willing to listen. But let's face it in the late 90's MTW was then caught with there hand in the cookie Jar then again in 05. Now they are paying storage all over the county and also in Appleton for machines that they can't receive payment on. Lay offs continue in Manitowoc and Shady Grove. They have major debt that has no supporting income that is greater than the debt at this current market, not to mention that they are coming extremely close to the breaching debt covenants that will increase penalty payments to go with the already wasted 120 Million in fees that they have incurred!!!! There middle management has been a revolving door for the past two years and welders are starting to quit and take other jobs due to the fear of layoffs and future damages to their retirement.

      But you are correct I see the light just like you do. Along with the new unemployment numbers rising and foreclosures still increasing, these economic times are getting better just for the sake of MTW.

      What ever I don't believe that MTW can navigate through this with Glen Tellock at the Helm. Many big ICE bergs on the way that will cause many more set backs. But this is my opinion and I believe given the facts there is logic to my decision making. Unlike all the individuals on here that are screaming nothing but defense for MTW. That seems to have more emotions wrapped into this stock than not seeing the positive.

      So I ask again!!! If MTW is so great then what is the proof that it is showing strength over the negative. Please show me more than your emotional bashing based off hopes.

    • So. Essentially, you're going to take the word of this obviously bitter commenter. I'll do my investiong on due dillengence - not some emotional ranting.


    • I am not buying it!!! they are still laying off and have many cranes biult that they can't sell. I would believe this if there wasn't at least 20 machines sitting at MTW, then another 16 and Marek Trucking and many at ATS just waiting for the buyers to gain financing. So MTW is paying storage and can't collect. HMMMM yah that is a real good sign.

      Just don't see how it ads up. But then again you never know these guys have been known to lie to the public and rip people and companies off. SO you never know what B.S. they are stirring to gain debt restructure, Hell I would bet that there books are so internally messed up that the numbers they provide are all just great guesses any how. But Either way I do know they are in many lawsuits because they don't pay their bills and Managment members extort kick backs from Vendors. So I know that a few of these cases are coming to trial this year and that will be nice to watch Glen get cooked under oath. Best of luck to the vendors that actually biuld majority of these machines and struggle to survive, I hope many of you can bounce back!!!

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