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  • alstanap alstanap Aug 10, 2009 11:04 AM Flag

    Shorts You are playing against a stacked deck


    I hate to use gambling terms, because, I am a serious long term investor.
    I don't approve of the type of stimulus that the ruling Party promulgated. They lied about shovel ready projects. I do approve of Cash for Clunkers.
    However, you still don't understand that the ruling Party deliberately held back the vast majority of the alleged stimulus, so that 2010 will look better. They are buying the Congressional races, of 2010.
    Wake up! You might as well understand that this type of industrial is going much higher!
    We are paying down the large debt that we have, and are still profitable. A lot of largesse will go to Wisconsin, because they voted for O'Bummer.
    I have no choice but to grab this money, because our children and grandchildren are being screwed royally, by the ruling Party of liars, and fraud.
    Many of our adult kids and grandkids will pay dearly for worshipping this inept fraud.
    Strong buy until the Congressional races are over.
    Commerical real estate woes, force the Fed to be on hold. with a frightened savings mania commoner cooperating, rates will stay low. debt will easily be brought down.

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    • "AV"
      I think you're talking in "past- tense".
      I'm not suggesting we put aside the regulations we now have in place. What I'm getting at is, let's not put new one's in place that are so stringent and unattainable that it cripples our economy.
      Gore wants the water in ponds so clean that lilly pads wouldn't grow.
      There's talk in congress about putting a $ 5.00 per farm animal fee because of the methane gas being released when the animal takes a crap. Now isn't that dumb and costly?
      "Av", these fees-(taxes) once collected, what will the govenment do with the money?
      Several years ago Wisconsin was successfull in sueing the tobacco companies for around $ 800,000,000.00. Now you'd think that money would be used to educate people about the evils of smoking or it would of been used to help treat Wisconsin-ites who had cancer attributed to smoking. Not one dime was spent on smoking related things. Our governor put the money into the General Fund to be wasted on some rediculus program or study.
      This is what I'm getting at, "fees/taxes" will be assessed on businesses for not complying with unattainable regulations.What happens to the tax/fee dollars collected?
      It'll be spent on some rediculus program and not be used what it's intended to.
      I'm also trying to point out that man was/is not the total problem in causing "Climate change".
      How long has unleaded gas been in exisitence?? Has our air quality improved?
      In the counties along the West side of Lake Michigan (Sheboygan,Manitowoc,Kewaunee & Door). These counties have air pollution levels higher than the EPA says we should have. The odd thing is that these counties don't have any industries that generate the pollutants that are in the air.
      So why should we be fined for not meeting the standards?.

      Let's get practable, we can't stop erruptions,we can't stop those methane pockets in the oceans from Burping, we can't stop Mexico,India & China from polluting!!
      We(the United States) don't set the stardards for the rest of the world, so why waste our time and dollars trying to???

    • Your correct. So let's all pollute and dump, as much as we can. Without regulation there would be no clean water, no fish. Man will trash every thing he can if he is not restrained, that is a fact. Lake Erie would still be on fire if not regulated. The Fox river is so bad the fish can't be eaten (as is almost everywhere in the country, Mercury,PCB's etc..) Just let paper mills keep dumping their crap into the rivers, Coal mines have nearly destroyed the water tables in Appalachia. Sure, the Earth has always had cycles. And always will. Trying to preserve something is a bad thing ? I'm sure Teddy Roosevelt would love to see your 'Consumption Ideology'.

    • Since the first day planet earth was formed the climate has been changing. It has never been stable. For anyone to suggest that todays climate is the be all end all perfect temperature for the planet is just plain silly.

    • BS ? The poles are melting. That is pretty imortant. The rates of melting are increasing faster than ever. What are you non-believers so afraid of?
      You are supposed to be conservative, right ? So conserve some. The Ice pack in the Himalayan mountains (glaciers too) are melting. What the hell is so wrong with conserving. Are you that much of spending pigs that you can't curb your habits one bit ? You sound like a bunch of spoiled brats. Crying the blues every five seconds. I bet you people have a constant scowl on ytour faces too.

    • Yes I think Global Warming -caused by man is B.S.-
      I think man has ctributed to it, but to totally blame the earths tempeture change to man is (again) B.S.
      I'm in Anchorage,AK right now There are glaciers that are now gone or have receeded so far back that you can't tell where they ended. Was that the results of man?? HELL NO.
      It was the results of that volcano the started to erupt 5 months. The melting of the glaciers up here had absolutely nothing to do with man. Yet man is being blamed for it. The ash from that volcano covered the glaciers and because the ash is dark, it absorbed the sun light,warmed up & melted the ice. "THAT'S THE FACTS JACK"

      Now How do stop vulcanos from erupting? beats me!!! Cap & Trade sure ain't going to stop them. Al Gore giving speeches isn't going to do the trick either. Obummer raising energy cost 171% , nope that won't do it either.
      Come on Schofield give us your "liberal $.02 worth"

    • like the vast majority of people here , i don't get holidays .. more work then unemployment... the cost of and type of foods we eat is dictated by the store owners and our wages are set by the company owners .
      if you just turn fox news off for one day and look around you , how much control do you really have ?? [and i don't think choosing which sausage to eat can really be called or equated to a freedom ]
      do you really think global warming is bunk ?
      do you really think in 'socialist' europe people are put down by "palins death boards" ?
      really ?

    • In the Winter, I'm fortunate to be able to spend a few months in Florida. The RV park where my wife & I stay has about 500 sites. Of those 500 sites 25-30% of people staying (or owning) on those sites are from Canada.
      On many occasions I've talked to some of the Canadians. They have told me that they buy their cars, groceries & much of their clothing in "the States", why ?, because it's cheaper. They've told me the see their doctors & dentist in "the States", why?? because they can see them right away & not have to wait weeks. If they need an operation, they don't have wait weeks or months. They can get it done within days.

      That's your "socialized" state at work

      Sure Meds. are cheaper in Canada, but are you getting what you're paying for? Some aren't, do you want to take that chance? Not this guy!!!

      Let's move on to a different topic, this ones getting stale

    • What a bunch of bullshit. Canada and England are both socialist states and they have just as equal freedom's as we do in the United States.

    • "Schofield" (suburb of Wausau), Do you want someone to tell you when you can go on vacation?,what foods you can buy (and how much). Do you want people to tell you what kind of car you can own, how many kids you can have, or how much you should get paid for your labors??????

      If so, than I guess Socialism's for you.
      But me, I want some control over my life. I want to be able to have Johnsonville brats instead of Hillshire, I want to go out and buy the truck of my desires. I want to watch the Packers on Sunday instead of How to save the planet from Global Warming. (which we all know is bunk).

      That's what I want. I don't want the government telling me who to vote for, what to eat, how many grandchildren I can get and most of all when I should die.

    • what i don't understand is why everyone keeps saying that Obama is a socialist like thats a bad thing !!
      whats wrong with a bit of socialism ??

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