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  • stokkpikk stokkpikk Aug 20, 2010 10:14 AM Flag

    November can't get here soon enough!!!

    It seems every day we see another step deeper into the abyss, with the Obama Administration wanting to double-down on a borrow-and-spend strategy toward recovery that is really just perposterous in its theory. It is absolutely nothing more than redistributive policy. Borrow money and spend it on programs benefiting Democratic consituencies and non-contributory segments of society; then down the road, tax the productive segments of society at very high rates to pay for today's borrowing. There can be no real argument that this is NOT what is going on.

    A 5-year-old can tell you that even if one were to approve of the idea that government should compel those who are better off to provide for those who are not, any boost in the economy resulting from this spending is not sustainable. It does not create real growth. You do not heal the crack addict by giving him one more hit. He might feel better momentarily, but it is only making things worse. This is so simple.

    And the really sad thing is this: all of this destructive action out of Washington will be forgotten by 2012. The private sector is worried about deficit spending and grave uncertainties as to the impact of these 2,000+ page bills that no one has read or understands. It is an outrage that legislation like the health care bill and the financial overhall bill could pass without anyone having a clue as to how it will be implemented. But even with these drags, the US private sector is vibrant. We do not stay in recession forever, even when the federal government erects one roadblock to recovery after another.

    In other words, despite the destructive economic policy coming out of Washington, the sheer perseverence of US industry will allow us to mete out meager improvments to the economy by 2012, and then we all know what will happen. I can almost hear it now: Obama gloating "We have restored 3% growth and 8% unemployment even after inheriting the worst recession since the Great Depression...." I fear he will be re-elected.

    Therefore, we absolutely MUST take care of business this election year. I urge everyone to get out and support the election of fiscal conservatives however you can: donate, volunteer, blog, all-of-the-above. We could be doing so much better than we are doing right now.


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    • I guess you are suggesting that our Government provide for more "trickle up." Where were you when George W. Bush tripled the National debt? Where were you when the TARP legislation was passed by the Republicans and signed into law by GWB? I guess debt made by a Republican Administration is great. Like on poster stated, define the problem and then determine solutions. You, like most Repubs. have no solutionos only more of the same.

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      • Reich, take you head out of your rear end.

        If you took a little time to read, you would see that the Republicans have provided numerous, time-tested solutions. I have identified many of them in my posts. But they have been ignored for two years, and look at what we have: no growth, unemployment near 10%, annual budget deficits more than 4-times greater than Bush's worst deficit year, a health care bill that the vast majority did not want and that will cost trillions, and a plan to dramatically increase taxes.

        It is you, Reich, who offer no solutions. Nada. You are a knee-jerk liberal.

        By the way, where was I when Bush went on a spending tear and pushed the TARP bill through? I was right here, screaming "NOOO!" Bush became a virtual Democrat in his last year. The enire Republican party seemed to lose its way a bit. The current crop of Republican candidates, however, are singing a different tune: reduce taxes and stop the rampant spending. We have seen over and over -- starting with your own JFK -- this always stimulates lasting growth AND increases government revenue. It's not rocket science.

        The problem Democrats have with it is that the growth spurned by tax cuts is created by productive hardwarking people, and the Democrat base doesn't like that. They walk around with their hands out. So Obama, Reid, Pelosi have to serve their base. It's crystal clear.


    • Vote Democrate you fool. We're still suffering from Dubya's redistribution of Clinton's USA bank roll. The republicans just want all of your money. Not just a lil bit but all of it. Don't vote republican. They are all theives. Case in point, HaliCheny.

    • Why don't we just eliminate all taxes on anyone making over $250,000.00 a year and dump that burden on the working class... After all they are much more adept at adversity than are the right wing radical Republicans of today... Then they could afford to pay for their own campaigns... Hell maybe they could just buy a few elections here and there... I will never forget the "coup" that put G.W. Bush in office, nor will I ever rest until he and his henchmen are tried for the crimes they committed against the people of the United States of America as well as other entities. You know what I mean...

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      • Dan, Calm down!! Then again, you stated that you will never be able to rest until Bush is in jail --you probably will have a pretty restless life. Seriously, Dan from reading your posts on the CAT board you have to be worth millions. With that said I do agree that it is no big deal to tax guys like you who earn over 250,000 about 2% more than you pay now. As far as who has more money --dems vs. reps -- the richest in congress are dems. How about stopping the class war crap?? Obama and our politicians do not need any help when it comes to dividing our country along the lines of religion, class and race -- Obama in particular, has done a VERY good job as you are a prime example with repeating the Obama rhetoric of class warfare and making sure that Bush's name is brought up in EVERY speech.

    • I'm like you. I can't STAND this pathetic Democratic party. But don't worry about OBAMA.
      I firmly believe the lesser of 'evils' will challenge this NUT during the primaries in 2012.
      Who is the other 'evil' to challenge him - no other than the ugly, puppet-looking wife of the skirt chaser of teenage girls who got 'blow-jobs'
      while serving as President during the '90's.

    • How do you find time to listen to Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh if your typing these long disjointed posts?

    • Good to hear from you, Kent! Glad all is well. Also, John, thanks for the note. I don't totally disagree.

      I don't doubt that some in this generation have it better than the last. And I don't personally think the sky is falling, although if we get government defaults at municipal and state levels, we are in big trouble -- the feds will either bail them out which would encourage more ridiculous action by those local governmnets, or they will default which would send the stock market into a deep plunge. But I thin the more likely scenario is stagnant growth until some very tough non-political, marco-economic decisions are made. Spending for the sake of spending is bad -- not armegeddon, necessarily (although I go back to the very real possiblity of numerous state and minuicipal failures) -- but bad policy.

      Hopefully November will bring a sea-change, because this administration is a pure nightmare.

    • You both are idiots the average analysis of the cost of the war has not yet reached a trillion dollars yet and it has been going on since March 20, 2003, If you want to address useless spending i ask you to go to obama's new website that discloses where all of the stimulus money is going, or look at how much we give in foreign aid. all of which may i add, add up to more than the cost of the war over the last 7 years and don't make us any safer. Then there is my point that war is actually good for the economy, practically every war since the beginning of time has come with a great loss of life but it has also come with a great increase in the production of goods. You look at it as we have spent 3/4 of a trillion dollars, which we have. But a lot of that goes write back into the pockets of the US manufactures that produce the products that the military are using, there is some cost of the war that we will never get back like military salaries (which we pay regardless of if we are at war or not, they pay taxes also), reconstruction of destroyed foreign civilization (don't want to make more enemies), and other things like (ammunition, vehicles and gas) but this is the cost of freedom

      If you want to blame someone for this spending look at your neighbors or yourself, i see it everyday Americans that think that they are in-titled to something as if society owes them for living in America. They ask for free health care, or government programs to help them out but don't think they should have to pay for them, the rich have money let them pay for it. Then the complain about it when the company they work for that is picking up the new tab cant give them a raise, so then they fight for a union or go on strike for better wages and increased benefits. Causing the business owner to either close or pass the cost onto every other American ( i guess i don't have to preach on how inflation works).

      Sorry for my ranting but good lord, people are stubborn and you will never change there mind on who caused all of this. Quit complaining about it and do something about it.

    • Thanks for asking --we had a great time. However, I would not want to live in Alaska :). Our son is going to be a lot closer -Virginia :)

      John, I would not blame talk radio or tv for what is going on in our country. Why? Primarily, because most people do not listen or watch these programs. I own a small business and I have the opportunity to speak with a wide range of people --from those on welfare to those worth millions. I am not hearing very much optimisim from anyone. People have lost faith in our institutions/business/leaders --when you lose faith you lose hope. Sure there are people who have jobs but the array of jobs that are necessary to keep our economy going have disappeared or are disappearing. We need a wide range of choices --not everyone can be or wants to be a lawyer, doctor, engineer. We need policies that will encourage private company growth. Here are some ideas. Wherever possible replace government employees with private employees --at all level of government. Take for example county nurses or perhaps speech therapist at the local public school. These jobs could be contracted out. The reason that they are under government is because we were sold a bill of goods that the government could operate institutions cheaper and provide higher quality of services -- this is a joke! Also, the unions now have taken over and they will always vote a straight party line. Look at what government run institutions did to the Mentally retarded/ill/elderly. I will stop for now.

    • Hey Kent State,

      Welcome back, hope you had a good trip. Stock Pick I am sorry you are so upset with it all.
      Can I ask if there is any chance that we are all now caught up in a media created frenzy?

      Not to respond to all of the points but I, like you, worry about the welfare of our children. If you take the daily talk radio and tv pundits to heart it looks like only grayer and grayer days ahead of them. Except no one seems to have convinced them. My 3 kids and spouses at 32, 30 and 28 are all amazingly far ahead of where my wife and I were at their age.

      I know too many are unemployed but that has happened many times in the past.

      Maybe the sky is not falling. Maybe many of us Americans have things better than any generation before us. Maybe the next generation will too.

      Maybe too many in the media and in politics are using the frustration and fears and anger they create in us for their own ends.

      Sure things are going to hell in a hand basket. So is that anything new?

      Wishing you all peaceful and pleasant days.

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