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  • bullrun321 bullrun321 Jan 12, 2011 10:50 AM Flag

    New highs tend to beget new highs, GUY is panicking with his position

    It is obvious what side he has taken as he has shown his hand.

    If he didn't think a buyout was credible it wouldn't anger him so much.

    I see MTW stabilizing at $14.5-15 Both sides are what make a market, altough I will side with the earlier poster that the market is telling you somethin.

    AS for JOYG they hired an M&A specialist a month ago and they are starving for a deal right now.

    I know the top managers and when they want somoething they act

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    • Here we go again. MTW gets grouped in with the agricultual industry. There's a report earlier this week saying that the agriculural industry is on a down turn and now we (MTW) goes on a downward slide.

      When are these analyst's going to realize that farmers don't use a crane to plow their fields or the water from ice machine drain to water the fields?????

      The A/C units in their John Deere tractors don't come MTW.

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      • Burger,
        There seems to be an overall negative market sentiment right now....nothing is safe. I imagine MTW will move in line with the market barring any real news. These down days are killers.....every stock I own is red. At least I have some cash on the sideline from selling my BAC yesterday and remaining LVS position this morning. We'll see what BAC resports tomorrow and maybe get back in if it's positive. Disappointing to see all of the casino stocks getting bad news in that group, just a lot of dumping going on. A Packers victory over the Bears on Sunday will at least brighten my mood a little bit! GO PACK!

    • If any top manager divulges any inside information before it is disseminated to the general public, they are breaking the law.

    • I'm actually long 3,000 shares at an ave. price of around $14.75. Guess you were wrong yet again. Tell us all what you "know" about the top managers...I'm sure the board would be fascinated by your intimate knowledge of the company.

    • No, I think the comment was said because day in, day out its always the same stupid comment, with no real reason to believe (no matter how many times you say it). Why would anyone in there wright mind wanna split up this company, its huge in two markets, has no real quality issues when it comes to product and if you ask me diversification does not get much better!? lol

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