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  • rdietsche34 rdietsche34 Apr 5, 2011 7:52 AM Flag

    Get Rid of Gov. Walker

    Even if the teachers and state workers end up paying their share of the retirment and paying a part of their health insurance, there is still a budget deficit. It is interesting that this Governor can give grants to business and then tax the middle to lower income payers.

    Teachers and state workers negotiated having the employer pay their portion of the retirement and health insurance instead of taking that amount in salary increases. Keep in mind, teachers salary increases, including fringes have been capped at 3.2% for years. I didn't see a cap on salary increases for those in the private sector whose salary we pay when we buy goods and services.

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    • You mention a cap on salary increases. Does this include their automatic step increases? Of course not! This is another dirty little secret of public employees --automatic step increases. No matter how lousy you are at doing your job, teachers always receive a step increase.

      Please refer us to the site that backs up your statement that private business's received additional tax breaks.

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      • You don't think that the TIF districts are a tax break for business? Fast write off of depreciation is not a tax break? I could list some others. By the way, those automatic steps have to fit int the salary cap. Apparently you don't know this.

        I will give you another example. If teachers take additional credits in the summer, their mileage cannot be used for a tax deduction. If a business person attends a seminar, mileage is a tax deduction. If you would ever have done taxes you would know about business tax breaks.

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