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  • dahuey2001 dahuey2001 Jun 6, 2011 2:18 PM Flag

    Where's the jobs?

    What happened to the so called shovel ready jobs?When I was in vegas last week saw all kinds of buildings started but stopped.Just a frame,no workers.Everythiing is on hold.Yes I helped to keep the economy going in vegas.Couldn't win crap.GLTA.

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    • The money went to keep governent employees working. They probably had some shovel-ready projects - i.e. snow removal, pothole patching, etc...

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      • A couple of days ago I heard that GM (General Motors), the car company that's owned by us but run/directed by the White house is requesting that the Federal gas tax be raised by a dollar/gallon.

        By raising the gas tax, it'll force the car buying public to buy more electric cars, which in turn will help the car makers "bottom line".
        With Obummer not pushing for lower gas prices, that's right up his alley.

        Did someone say "Impeach"?

        Someone sent me a note that was sent to Obummer. It request that Obummer return the United States "borders" back to August 20th, 1959. By doing that, Hawaii would no longer be a state and thus Obummer wouldn't be a citizen.
        The note was signed by "Netanyahu"

    • People voted for Republicans because they were for jobs and getting the economy going. What happened?

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