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  • stewartwins14 stewartwins14 Nov 14, 2011 2:31 AM Flag

    crane workers on strike

    as of 3pm mon nov 14th local 516 machinest union workers on strike company not even close on a contract proposal could delay the shipment of 31000 aka (the duke) as knowen by employees the duke needs 2 b out by dec 31st for big wheels 2 get bouneses employees will give up there pizza bonus 2 screw over the wheels cash bonus we get pizza they get thousands seems fair right really its about time we stand up 4 our selfs

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    • First, thanks for your service. To a certain degree I can empathize with your situation. Back in the day 1973 (LOL) right out of graduate school, I started with the Sate of Ohio Department of Mental Retardation now Developmental Disabilities, and earned a whopping 5.25 per hour. Man, I thought I was on easy street:) After 5 years, I left to go work for a private non profit company. Now there is an oxymoron, we made a lot of money, we just called it a fund balance. Then I decided I needed to make more money so I started my own business in 1991 and completely left social services in 1994 to operate the business. I have seen and experienced both sides--private and public-- neither can claim they are perfect. However, I saw much more, shall we say, ineptness and incompetence in the public social service sector. Anyway, thanks for all your responses and enjoy your family.

      P.S. In Ohio, as far as I am aware, there has never been a freeze on step increases -- teachers or government workers.

    • Oh I wish you were right. In Maine, step increases have been frozen for 5 years, and that is tough for young workers trying to start a family, when the state starts them out at 10-20% of the private sector pay rate. Rhode Island just cut the pension and terms of their retirees. This was the result of the legislature not fully funding the pension for many years - not the result of unjust demands. The Union is taking them to court, most likely, for private property taking. I hope the state gets their clock cleaned for pulling that one. Civic service laws do not address work classification issues. Example: it wasn't until the union threatened action, that people that were supervising 5 to 10 workers were classified as supervisors - even though they had full supervisory responsibilities. Personally, I think public workers are handicapped by their unions not being able to go on strike. As a tax payer, you should be glad that most public servants take pride in delivering 120% on the dollar.

    • You have a point but this company and most others do not care about the law. I know they have open sex discrimation. Thay do not even take OSHA or any thing that might cost them any thing. I know in Indiana the Laws are just not payed attention to and if you bring it up you are let go. If you get a lawer you get payed off.

    • I understand your concern. I believe that in Ohio and most states these type of grievances are covered under civil service laws. You do not need a union to protect workers rights. No one should be forced to join a union and have their pay automatically taken from their checks. Again, you can have laws to protect workers rights without unions. Politics permeates all segments and levels of the work place both private and public. Workers and management will all play the system to their advantage. Since I pay the salary of a public worker/teacher I just believe I have the right to voice my opinion. Of course, I also have the ballot box. Like I said, my crusade is to convince private union workers that they are paying the salaries/benefits of public employees. When MTW or any company is i n trouble, who do they hit first? Yep, the poor worker is asked to sacrifice, some times because of the ineptness of management. The public/teacher in most cases does not have to make these sacrafices. Sure, you can provide me with examples where they have sacrificed. However, these so-called sacrifices usually are: wage freeze BUT they still receive their step increase-- those NEVER go away. If their pension plan made poor investment, they DO NOT recieve less. Many times the government comes in and bails the pension plan as required by law. I just do not think it is fair that no matter what happens in the vast majority of times they are not asked to take actual pay cuts. This is important because if we do not reduce entitlement programs it is just a matter of time before taxes are raised on everyone. I have no problem raising the taxes on those making a lot of money but it will just not work.

    • OK I'll accept that you are not grinding an ax against public employees, but why are they not deserving of a union? I will give you an example from my state. Last month a division director in our Department of Environmental Protection was fired, after 20 years of good service, for no reason other than the new political appointed commissioner wanted a new face in the position. The Commissioner was able to fire this employee for no reason because at the division director level, public employees are considered classified employees and are not protected by the state public employee's union. This would not have been possible to do to a union worker because the commissioner would have to follow disciplinary procedures before firing someone. This is just one example of how unions provide reasonable benefits to public employees. They hold upper administration's feet to the fire, on job classifications, pay rates, and for justifying dismissals.

    • Stay on strike, teach the company a lesson.

    • wjj, I cannot figure out how you came to the conclusion that I believe all public employees have no skills. Did I not say that a person should be paid according to their skills? However, I must really be naive because I do not believe there is any correlation between having a teachers degree and being a quality teacher. True, just because you are good at your particular trade does not mean you will make a good teacher, just as having a teaching certificate will not make you a good teacher. I appreciate your defense of public workers as they are necessary to make our government work. However, I repeat I am not in favor of public unions. Believe it or not I have not lost my grip :)

    • I agree, teaching certificates are given to people who meet certain minimum education levels and class room experience. To think that anybody can walk in a be a teacher is naive. To take a broad brush stroke against public employees, and imply they don't have worthy skills is ridiculous. There are accountants that manage state taxes and payrolls, lawyers working for the attorney general, biologists managing your wildlife, and engineers building your bridges. Get a grip.

    • There are many private companies that give their employees sick leave and if the sick leave is not used when the employee retires is compensated for unused sick leave. Do some research and you will find this to be true.

    • You don't have the experience that I have in observing teaching skills. I have seen many successful craftsmen in the private workplace that have turned to teaching without the teacher training and are total failures as teachers. It takes a certain amount of training and eduction to be a successful teacher. Just because one is a skilled craftsman doesn't guarantee that they will be successful teachers. An analogy would be a baseball superstar turned manager is most times not a successful manager.

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