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  • historyrepeats45 historyrepeats45 Dec 14, 2011 11:35 PM Flag

    It's only a matter of time


    About 10 years ago Ingersoll Rand set out to build Blaw-Knox asphalt pavers with non-union labor. This company was notorious for waging war on unions at any cost. They shuttered the factory in Mattoon,IL which at the time was home of a market-leading line of pavers built by union workers. They opened up shop in another state with what few people they could get to relocate, and that brand is just about history now (pufffff). They are in 3rd or 4th place behind the likes of market leader Caterpillar, a union shop. It was truly a shame, a superior quality machine got tossed into the history books.

    Union's aren't evil, they built this country (roads, bridges, dams, power lines, generation stations, cars, trucks, bulldozers, tractors, sky-scrapers). Some companies just have difficulties negotiating the terms. Anytime there is an extended strike, somebody failed to do their job.

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    • its not the union that builds America its Americans and immigrants.

      I once was a union boiler and chiller mechanic at a union shop and the older guys would do nothing but talk about other workers and play mind games with less senior employees. the older guys just would not do there jobs and point fingers at there fellow co-workers when things went wrong. after a while i could not deal with the drama and quit.

      I now work at a non union shop and was promoted to manager after 6 months. I make twice as much money as i did before and its cause of my hard work and my strive to better myself not my union rep. if you have a fear of losing your job or you think your not getting paid enough for your work it should reflect on you as a worker not the companies unfair practices.

      this is America and the old ways of bad companies are gone. Just stay hungry and work hard. MTW should go non union and weed out the lazy, good for nothing workers. IMHO

    • They say they are trying to protect the indivivuals that dont want to pay union dues to work there. Well if these same people come in and complain they dont want to pay insurance premiums but want to have the insurance are they going to give them free health insurance. Think about it. Lets get everybody back to work and settle this thing.Weve been profitable with unions for the past 60 years! Why wreck a good thing.NOBODY WINS OR LOSES IN A STRIKE

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      • Your last sentence, in my opinion, is spot on. However, I am not sure I understand your analogy with paying insurance premiums. A worker has the choice of opting out of a companys insurance program. Currently, the worker does not have that choice regarding joining a union. If the unions are so concerned about another worker receiving benefits they believe they negotiated for and thus only they are entitled to, then perhaps the company should have 2 different pay scales. One scale would be for the workers in Alabama and another for the ones left in Manitowoc --wink, wink.

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