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  • dprofiteer dprofiteer Dec 18, 2011 10:02 AM Flag

    I'll short this to ZERO in favor of the Union.

    "So, for someone to say, that if a plant is Union compared to one that is non union, the non union workers are better is just plain bolderdash."

    Take a logic class --- PLEASE

    Quick points:
    - In a non-union you fire the bad apples - in union shops they stay.
    - In union shops you have MORE bad apples - since they hate the company that employs them
    - In a union shop their leadership makes EVERYONE a bad employee I worked at Scott. Ex: DO NOT do more than your quota even if your bored. Do not sweep the filthy floor, "your taking someone else's job". Go home and do not help clear a major break in converting, "we will call someone in even if it takes two hours, "seniority". I could go on forever.

    It boils down to two simple concepts that union people refuse (or can't ) understand.
    - WHAT benefit do unions give to companies for all of their negatives?????
    - WHY do not unions take some of their own money and buy companies if they are so good??? Come on there is tons of money out there for good business plans. Just tell investors you plan on buying a company then make it unionized!! What a great idea, everyone will flock to your door, because we all know what a great contributor to companies unions are.
    - Better yet just ask your fat cat leaders to put up some your own pension money to buy a company. YOU will find that union members AND their LEADERSHIP are not dumb enough to use their OWN money to buy a union company. NOBODY is that stupid.

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