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  • rimmdiva rimmdiva Dec 14, 2011 7:48 PM Flag

    I'll short this to ZERO in favor of the Union.

    Manitowoc executives had better wake up and realize that without labor, they have nothing and no chance to survive. Labor is their most valuable asset and they had better start valuing them more than the stock options and raises they grant themselves.

    All but the dumbest republicans are finally getting it.

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    • I tell you what. Go ahead and continue posting your union line. As a small business owner I like most of my fellow business owners understand the necessity for reliable/quality workers. However, we also realize there is absolutely no correlation between being a union worker and the quality of their work. Also, from my experience there is no correlation between a workers pay and how well they perform their job. The local dairy, a union shop, which employees 450 workers needed to install cameras. Why? Becasue the workers were spitting into the ice cream. The union stated that the word of a supervisor was not sufficient and they needed to see the worker spitting into the ice cream. Starting pay is 14.50 per hour and they only pay 10% of hospitalization. The pipe company down the road cannot find enough welders that will show up to work on time -- also union. A local union electrician companys owner was just indicted for bribing a government official.

      My point is that when union members say they are better workers and possess higher degree of skill, they are just blowing smoke up our a*$'s.

      Yes, labor is a valuable asset. However, ask yourself how does a worker become valuable? Answer: By possessing the necessary skills and qualities to do their job --showing up on time, good work ethic, believe in an honest days work.
      If I believed for one moment that unions produced such workers, I would run not walk to place the largest sign out in front of my business that said --Wanted --Union workers, others need not apply. I suggest to you that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find workers who possess the aforementioned qualities -- union or otherwise!

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      • Awesome post! nice to hear reality here

      • Well said. I'm not as eloquent, just call them as I see them. I find union workers just the typical lazy free loader that only thinks of himself, his
        next beer, and the over paid unprofessional football game on Sunday! I stop
        buying GM, Ford and any company that is "UNION". X AFL-CIO.

      • I agree with much of what you say about today's worker not being responsible and taking responsiblity in doing quality work and showing up on time. I have worked in factories with Union workers and in plants with non union. I can tell you that in both cases, when a supervisor wasn't around, there were workers goofing off. So, for someone to say, that if a plant is Union compared to one that is non union, the non union workers are better is just plain bolderdash.

      • wow this board will not let you speak unless your a rat

      • Just a suggestion to all those who give me or anyone a 1 or 2 star rating. Perhaps you may have the courage to respond in a civil manner stating your position. I realize that many of my statements regarding unions are inflammatory. Nevertheless, they are based on my 30 plus years of experience with private and public union workers. Like I stated in my previous post. If unions provided me with a source of workers that were superior to non union workers I would be more than happy to pay them more. However, like I stated I have found there is absolutely no difference in the quality of work between union and non union worker.

        The whole idea behind unions was to make sure the worker was being treated fairly when it came to wages/benefits/working conditions. In exchange, the unions were to provide better workers(skilled,work ethic etc.) From my perspective unions have not kept up their end of the bargain. So, as an employer I ask you the rhetorical question. What incentive do I have to hire union workers if their skills are no better than a non union worker? Answer--None. When I speak in this manner I am labeled as a union buster. If wanting to stay in business and produce a quality product and pay my workers a salary based on their skills/quality of their work,loyalty is considered union busting -- then yes, I am a union buster.

      • "Kent"

        I couldn't of said it any better, that's why "I" gave you the stars...


        I'll bet your fingers are burning after typing your Post on a NON Union made computer. In fact I'm supprised your computer even works

    • Thanks for seeing my point, Burger. Nice to have a another rational guy on the board who thinks about what is best for the country, not just himself. We cannot be a strong country without strong businesses and a sense of creating our own success, not taking the success of others and "redistributing it". There will always be the halves and the have nots, it's always been that way, and should be that way. We are not all equal. Some are better educated, some are more highly skilled and some just work harder. Those should be rewarded, not villfied.

    • Democrats are less bad for the economy than the GOP. Before Obama took office, we were growing at minus 8.5 GDP and losing millions of jobs.

      Great job, BROWNIE.

    • I don't protest the 1%...After all, I married into it:)

      But I can tell you exactly what they are like. I detest half of the family.
      BTW, none of them has created any jobs, but they sure share a sense of entitlement, and guess what? They don't give a sh#t about anyone else.

    • The few that I know HAVE created jobs and they actually do care about others. You must be hanging out with the wrong people. The ones who feel the most entitled are the ones who have achieved and contributed the least. Basically, it amounts to "you have it and I want it". The under-achievers who cannot hold a job, are too lazy to work, have no drive or are just incompentent are the ones who will vote for Obama because they don't want a hand up, they want a hand out: life-long government subsidy off the backs of the taxpayers.

    • WTF, re-read what I wrote and pretend you have reading comprehension skills when you respond.

    • "Rimm"


      Let me see if I got this right !!

      When George Bush was president (8 years) our Nat. debt went up 3 trillon dollars.
      From 6 trillion to 9 trillion.

      Let's see here, Obummer has been in office almost 3 years and our debt is now @ 14 trillion dollars.

      Let's see 14-9 = 5
      5 trillion in 3 years. Hmmm at that rate if Obummer gets re-elected our debt should be about 21 trillion...
      and what can we show for it ???

      Socialized medicine & Socialized car makers, (so far).

      And still dependent on foreign oil.

    • Sadly, the national debt has already sailed past $14T. It looks like the number stands around $15.1T today, or 100.4% of GDP.
      Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

    • Rimm, The very same comment can be applied to a variety of individuals/groups. How about some of the people on welfare? How about people in the unions? I think you will find that both groups have, shall we say, a deep rooted history. The wealthy are not the only group who have flaming a**holes and have a sense of entitlement. There in lies the problem. Too many individuals have the belief they are owed everything in life.

    • I agree. The difference between the two groups is that the 1% can buy lobbyists and the others can't. Some people give up caring because they have nothing left no matter how hard they work. Did you ever watch Trading Places? If you give a person a good job and treat him with dignity and respect, odds are good they'll become an asset to society instead of a drain.

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