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  • burgersboat burgersboat Dec 28, 2011 12:15 PM Flag

    Article about Manitowoc city workers being laid off


    Did you just climb out from under a rock??
    Let's analyze your comments:
    You state that unions pay fair wages,, My checks weren't signed by the unions business agent, are your's??
    You say that unions provide "overtime"
    If you work for the union, I guess they must. I worked for a company and that company provided the overtime.
    I thought pensions were paid by the company I was working for, not the union.

    You said that the company has the right to temminate an employee @ 40.
    If that employee is a good worker, does his/her job without rework, there's no way that company will get rid of them. People are terminated for a Just cause.

    When you put your money in the bank or the stock market, I hope you expect to get your investment back with interest,, I sure do.

    "Tax payers funded roads and tax payer funded education"??
    Are you saying that company's are getting by without paying the gas tax when they buy fuel @ a gas station?? Are you saying that company's aren't paying the property tax on their business??

    Gee all the businesses I worked for or I owned had to pay the property taxes.

    "Someone will always start a business"
    It sure won't be a union.
    Although a union will be glad to tell you how to run your business.

    When I worked @ Burgers.
    Burgers had a Carpenters apprenticeship program.
    This program was funded by Burger, NOT the Union or Tax payers.
    The people who were in that Apprenticeship program were paid by Burgers NOT the union or Tax payers.

    The Union told Burgers what the program would consist of, what the apprentice got paid.

    BUT they (the union) provided diddly squat to promote that program

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