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  • spencer.templin spencer.templin Dec 30, 2011 12:17 AM Flag

    Article about Manitowoc city workers being laid off

    While I don't disagree with your point, I have to take issue with a few points,

    First, CEOs simply respond to the cost desparity in labor costs and decide what needs to be offshored or outsourced and what doesn't. If they keep production onshore they run the risk of being undercut by competition that is gaining an advantage by offshoring. The real risk that unions run is companies pulling the plug on the state and moving to a more union-hostile state rather than outsourcing.

    Second, by taxpayers you have to include corporations. The roads are built through both federal funds and 'feul tax' so everyone pays here.

    Third, most of the seasoned labor force will admit that our educational system does not prepare employees for the jobs that are needed, so the burden of training empolyees is not all taxpayor funded. A lot of training is done on the corporations dime.

    And last, the movement of jobs to china is a function of cheap labor, compromising regulation and a wilingness to do jobs that are labor intensive. Your vote to send jobs to china is an afterthought, it has been happeing since Clinton was president.

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