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  • dahuey2001 dahuey2001 Oct 5, 2012 11:01 AM Flag

    Unemployment drops? 7.8%

    How many are seasonal?And just before election.How many part time? How many goverment?I don't buy it.

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    • You would embrace it if is was in favor of your party, so what the @##$%%^^&&**. It's a small point in the over all mix. Now Mitt wanting to ramp up military budget by 2 trillion with a "T" speaks volumes. I have been keeping track of our dollar to other currencies. Under bush our dollar dropped to almost even with Cananda,,,,a 25 cent drop. If Mitt does this and goes to war the Canadian dollar will be worth $1.27 to our dollar and a gallon of gas will cost close to $6.00 now matter how much oil the USA produces. After all it is sold on the world market. Think about it! How much USA treasure and blood should be spent to defend another country that is in the Mediterranean? And we get nothing from them,,,zip,,,nadda. Watch it happen. And why has dept.f defence put in an order for 200 billion rounds of amm,,,o?

      buy beans,,buy bull,,ets


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    • It's a bogus number that will be revised down (fewer working) after many early voters have already voted. Political crap....shameful. Hopefully people are smart enough to see through the ridiculous number floated by this "transparent" administration.

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