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  • burgersboat burgersboat Nov 15, 2012 2:11 AM Flag

    I suspect MTW is readying plains to move manufacturing south of the border or overseas

    I took you up and looked up how many jobs are being (or are projected to be) created in Arizona.
    I found that the Arizona Dept.of Labor is projecting approx. 60,000 jobs are to be created for 2013. They didn't say where these people are coming from though. I must assume they are comming from other states because it's illegal to hire undoucumented aliens.
    I did find that there are over 500 U.S. companies have moved to Mexico in the last 10 years. I also found out that as of this publication, none of them have plans to move back. Not under this administration.

    You mentioned that Companies have recieved millions from our Government. I hope you're not including all those Failed Solar energy co's. or GM (who hasn't paid back what they borrowed).

    Guido, Give us some facts, who are the companies moving back to the U.S. and who are the U.S. companies that are recieving "Free money". Money they don't have to pay back.

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    • "Guido"
      Cat got your tongue ??
      We're waiting for your response to my question/s or are you just Hot Air (left winger) ??
      One other question (this should be easy even for you):
      Why did you vote for Obama ?
      Was it that you can now marry whomever you want,,Even your dog??
      Or Because you feel the government can spend your hard earned money better then you??
      Or because you feel it's ok to give billions of borrowed dollars to Countries that hate us??
      Or is it that your head is so far up your butt that is unlikely youll never have another point of view??
      Or you feel it's ok to give billions of dollars to illegal aliens for free health care,schooling,food stamps,phones,etc.??

      We're waiting !!!!!

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      • You know, you sound like red neck boy it's pathetic. You #$%$ume way too much, which must be a byproduct of how far your head is misplaced up your #$%$. So, why vote for Obama, easy he is not Romney. If Mittens would have been more honest and forthright I might of voted for him. The big drawback is how easy of a Puppet he would have been for others to control, especially the ones with $$$. If he'd of won I would of bet $$$ on the fact we would be in another war within a year.
        About marriage, been married for 27 years same woman and don't care about other peoples preferences. I do however prefer gay people to rent to with any of my rentals. They are the cleanest, most punctual and easiest people to deal with. I have also found their sense of humor to be better that most. You want to marry a dog, go right ahead. Why does it matter to you anyway? It’s YOUR life, YOUR spiritual journey, not mine.

        I think it's stupid to simply "give" money to anybody outside of our country for nothing in return. It's like paying a ransom to ward off terrorism or buy friendship. I like carry the big stick program and if they give us trouble I think we could fix their wagon. But that all in all is a complex issue that cannot be boiled down to simple antidotes.

        Better my butt than yours! Believe it or not I have always subscribed to the philosophy of "know thy enemy". That means I read points of views on both sides and I have to tell you there are a lot of misplaced and unanswered questions. Each side tries to answer them the way they want to hear them. However I have seen more questions backed up by data on the left than on the right. Just an observation. Here is one you can read. It is written by Chuck W. Maultsby. Not the famous Col. Charles w. Maulstby ex fighter pilot/ ciapilot but his son. You would have to get over the part of being a Socio-Political Commentary from the lunatic Fringe and just read it. Mr. Maultsby does an excellent job of connecting the dots on many issues historically. And there you will see trillions of $$$ wasted, be able to see the trails left and then ask yourself, how did our Government, Predominantly led by Republican Presidents, let so much money and blood wasted. Excellent questions. Here is one point I never knew. Congress spent $100M trying to get Clinton Impeached, while Bush only wanted to spend $3M on investigating the events of 9-1-1 . How many Americans Died? Guess they were expendable?

        There is much more. And neither side has all of the answers and we'd all be damned if only one party had complete control. Moderation is the key to much of our human endeavors, be it drinking, sex, overworking, under working or what have you. It will always take two to make a whole and knowledge and courage to bind together what is best.

        As for you last statement, I am going to let you Waller in your fallacies.

        Cheers Sparky!

        PS when does MTW go Up? Or are they not ever going to patriotize their earnings, which if they don't won't help stock holder at all!

        Sentiment: Hold

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