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  • DRAGLINE_FL DRAGLINE_FL Apr 2, 1999 5:26 PM Flag

    Help Me Out Here

    With the split does this mean that MTW has got
    something big about to happen?? I have heard that they have
    signed up a different dealership in Florida and that
    they have placed a large order for

    Should I put up the ranch??

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    • I'm up so far 60% in 2 years

    • mtw hit forty dollars today. if anyone can rember
      ( post # 240 ) i called for forty at the end of
      april. next target i will set, will be fifty at the end
      of july 1999. i am long on mtw, and fifty a share
      will just be one step of many to come.

    • I would have to agree with you on the brats. We can get them here in MI. I printed up your message and am taking it with me for reference. Maybe I will run in to you at the meeting.


    • That place in Two Rivers (Trivers) is called
      Kurtz's,Go past McDonalds, on the left, after you go over
      the bridge. Great Beers, but only sandwiches.Another
      place is the Elbow Room, about 2 blocks N.W. of the
      Maritime Museum. Manitowoc has only (2) ---one way
      streets. They run North & South. Generally speaking,
      numbered streets run North & South, named streets run East
      & West. There are 2 exits (some people say 3).
      One(1) from the South (I think it's 147 or 149) there's
      a Holiday Inn at that exit. This will be on the
      South side of town. The other is a couple of miles
      North. It's the Waldo Blvd. exit, (I think it's 153 or
      somthing like that.This is the North exit.No businesses
      there. Just an antique store.
      If your traveling
      from the South, about 2 miles South of the South exit,
      look to your right (East). Off in the distance you can
      see a large building with a red colored in circle,
      running through the circle you'll see the name MANITOWOC.
      That's the South Works (the Manitowoc Co.) When you get
      off at that exit, go past the Holiday Inn, about a
      1/2 mile down on you right is the Visitors Center,
      They'll get you where you want to go. If your traveling
      to Manitowoc by car, Bring a cooler. There's a place
      in town called Chek-Maks' meats. I believe you can
      buy meats(sawsages,hot dogs,Ring Bologna) at the
      plant.Don't get the brats. Locate Johnsonville brats a any
      grocery store or stop in the village of Johnsonville
      (around Sheboygan)at their plant on your trip back.
      Johnsonville brats are THE BEST.Cher-mak meat are real good,
      but not their brats. I should know, when I was
      growing up, my parents fried(bar-b-qued) out All the
      time. I mean, when my dad bought char-coal, he bought
      it by the ton (50--20lb. bags)and that's no B.S.

    • Their chart disappeared after the recent split.
      Maybe Yahoo hasn't figured out how to account for

      Definitely feel it is undervalued. P/E around 12, consistent
      earnings growth, small cap but still leaders in their
      business segments. Share price could be 70 and still their
      p/e would be reasonable by todays standards.

    • it sounds like you are thinking about drinking a
      little while you are there. (Read your last post again
      if you don't understand me)

      Why doesn't yahoo
      provide a chart for MTW? Maybe it is just a temporary bug
      haunting me when I happen to want to do a little

      Do you people feel MTW is undervalued?


    • Thanks for the restaurant tips. I will try to get several of the mentioned restaurants next week. From the responses one I will definately try is Beernstens.


    • I have been out of the Manty area for a couple of
      years but get back there every year since my parents
      and siblings still reside there. There is a place on
      right in the beginning of Two Rivers when you enter it
      from Lakeshore Drive on the opposite side of from the
      McDonalds. It is a bar/resturant that features a good
      selection of beer and german food. On the west side of
      Manty(out by WalMart and ShopKo on Route 42) there is a
      Friar Tucks, not bad. If you want to venture out, There
      is Stocks Supper Club if it is still in business,
      known for there Prime Rib. Bernsteins(on 8th downtown)
      that was mentioned is a must go to in Manty. Inn on
      the Maritime Bay, has a very good resturant(a little
      more money) and great view of lake michigan. Can't
      think of many more off the top of my head and if I do I
      will send them.

      From the Manty CheeseHead in

    • It is good. I make sure to stop there whenever I get up that way. Haven't lived there since '62 so unless the other person was there before then, wouldn't know them.

    • Yooper - Sounds like I am going to have to check
      this place out. You are the second person to suggest
      it. This leads me to believe that you both know each
      other....or it's really good!

      Thanks for the


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