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  • burgersboat burgersboat May 7, 1999 12:38 AM Flag

    Buying more MTW

    since the board meeting, I had the opportunity to
    meet with a couple of upper management people, both in
    the crane div. & the ice div. The talk was nothing in
    any great detail, but both of them indicated that
    T.Growcock has no intention of moving anything out of
    Manitowoc. Now this may be a smoke screen. Im sure if I were
    in his position, I wouldn't tell the world what my
    plans were. I do remember one of the past president
    having trouble with the union during labor negotiations,
    the union was asking for the world, he told them he
    couldn't give them all that they wanted. They told hime
    that if he didn't, they would go on strike, he told
    them that if they struck, he would close that division
    down and move it back to Manitowoc. The union called
    his bluff and struck. Within 30 days, that division
    was back in Manitowoc. It was the Link-Belt Speeder
    div.The president was John West. For you young investors,
    John West was the Manitowoc Co. Some one once told me
    that at his death, which was about 10 years ago, he
    had somewhere around 3,000,000 shares. With the
    splits since then he probably would have somewhere
    around 12,000,000 shares now. Like I said HE WAS THE
    If T.Growcock follows the wisdom of past
    presidents, MTW isn't going anywhere. Once being in the Mfg.
    business, I know that the mid-West has the BEST work ethics
    in the U.S.A. The word "imposible" does not appear
    in any of the dictionaries sold in this area. If the
    customer wants something special, we in the Mid-West will
    tell them it may take a little ingenuity, but we'll
    get it done. Taking that same problem to the East or
    West coast and you'll get an answer something like "it
    can't be done"
    Unclepennybags_2, you know my
    backround and you being from the Mid-West you shold know
    what exactly what I'm talking about.

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