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  • DaveScatt DaveScatt Jul 1, 1999 12:23 AM Flag

    MTW in IBD

    MTW has their chart in todays IBD in the "Stocks in the News" section. Can only be a plus as far as letting people know that MTW is out there.

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    • Pseltz - I am all in right now. I put all of my
      chips that were unaccounted for on USW last week. I am
      looking into it though just in case something happens and
      I am able to free up some cash.

      Thanks for
      the heads up.


    • take a look at cell ASAP. there is a chance that
      this will double within a few months. look at the
      chart, and look at the recent activity-once the market
      realized that this company has biz contracts and is not in
      jeopardy of going under, it has brought this thing from
      out of the cellar--now it's at 6-plus, it was in the
      20s, not even a year ago. i bought in at it's current
      level, a few months back, and think that now it's primed
      for a run. just my opinion-check it out for yourself.

    • The management is having a slight problem with
      selling this stone.
      When the company moved its
      operation to the South Works, they leased out many of the
      buildings to private companies. I'm guessing about 11 of
      them. When the leases were given, the company told the
      leasee that if they (the MTW Co.)would sell the
      Peninsula the leasees have 1st right of refussal to
      purchase the building/s their operating out of. Well the
      MTC co. didn't do what they said they'd do. They sold
      or offered to sell the Peninsula to a single
      Company. Something called Manitowoc Developemt inc. or
      something like that. It's not one of the companies that's
      renting any of the buildings now.
      Well I know of 2 of
      the leasee's that are suing the MTW Co. over breach
      of contract.

      There's talk that
      the 2nd
      thing wrong with the Peninsula is the ground is
      polluted, VERY POLLUTED. It's loaded with PCB's and paint
      residue. One estimate to clean it up would be more than
      the Peninsula is worth.
      The city of Manitowoc
      looked at buying the Blue building (the office), they
      would combine City Hall & the County offices all in one
      building. Great Move, but the pollution thing came up and
      that was the end of that idea. But it was a great
      idea. They'd have enough room for both entitties with
      plenty of extra room for the future.

    • Ive been out of the area for awhile, Is there a
      difference in the job market between Sturgeon Bay and Manty.
      Is unemployment rate similar. Land Value difference,
      or advantages to having production closer to home.
      Strike: is this for just one part of one division (what
      union) What type of union shop is it. Is it a choice or

    • There are two new assembly sites...hardly. As for
      a bottleneck in current production again not
      feasible. Smaller machines have been being sold out of the
      machine and saws shops and not replaced and no retiree
      has been replaced in the machine shop during the same
      time. Yes there is still a backlog of 888's and 2250's
      , but nothing like last year. Who would purchase a
      Manitowoc Crane built in Rockford? And lastly the peninsula
      property was getting pretty shabby , the new offices on
      I43 should be much nicer and appealing to future
      crane buyers when visiting.

    • Nope. This is a clear contract ploy.

      management is ready and they should be - that's good
      management. New machine production is not going to be
      disrupted because of the union going out on strike. In fact
      a strike is a joke - MTW management doesn't care -
      it's a non issue.

      If you step back and look at
      it, MTW management wants the union to strike - what
      are they going to do with the two new assembly sites
      if the union doesn't? Finally, they can rid
      themselves of this nagging problem.

      On to another
      chapter .....

    • Nothing more than the corp. management wants to
      sell the pennsula property. It's long over due. The
      fact that it's not moving to already owned property
      means nothing. Don't try to read anything into this.

    • Well, you could say that.

      The 888 is the
      replacement model for the very successfull 4100. It's just
      one of the models that are part of the product mix
      for the cranes division. Other models are the 111,
      222, 777, 250 (replaced by the 2250) and the

      Your going to see these newer models around highway
      and inter city construction. Rental companies have
      been buying them up for the past few years to replace
      the aging fleets.

      The 21000 is the newest
      model. MTW Cranes sold a few of them, but I'm not sure
      of any more orders. All I can say is that it's a
      "BIG" bastard. I personaly think that the capital spent
      to develop this model could have been spent in R&D
      for models that will sell more units long term. But
      I'm just an investor now and not a player in the
      crane business, but I do have contact with those that

      Keep in touch, MTW lost some ground this week. I'm
      going to take some profit and then look at it again in

    • It was mentioned in the paper (Herald Times Reporter) after their Officers meeting in Kohler.

    • Thanks for the link. Now I can read about one of my favorite locals!


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