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  • b15184 b15184 Oct 23, 1999 6:17 PM Flag

    Drop in price today

    Hi everyone. I've been following MTW for awhile
    now, and occasionally check this message board. My
    interest in it is because Manitowoc is my hometown (yes,
    Lincoln graduate 1979) and my brother worked there for a
    short while. Sounds like the company's been successful
    in recent years which has been reflected in the
    stock price until recently.

    Curious as to
    thoughts as to why the price dropped earlier this month.
    Is it because of the drop-off in order back-log? Or
    because of rumors of a strike? Any firm news to back up
    either one of those?

    As you can probably tell,
    I'm considering buying but am holding off until I get
    a better feel for the above two questions. Any help
    you can provide would be greatly

    BTW, for some reason I tend to follow local stocks of
    interest. One local success story is Oshkosh Truck (OTRKB).
    I am NOT a shareholder, but live in Oshkosh and
    therefore hear alot about it. My kids' soccer coach is the
    CFO. Company seems to be thriving in last 2-3 years.
    Reason I mention it here is that the message board for
    OTRKB is dead/non-existent. Company's stock price took
    a hit late this summer when it was announced they
    were issuing new equity and therefore diluted current
    share prices. Thought I'd mention it in case others
    want to investigate.

    Also of local interest: my
    employer (KMB) -- Neenah. Company doing very well and
    currently seen as under-valued relative to its peers. (FULL
    DISCLOSURE: I AM a shareholder in KMB). I also frequently
    follow Fort James (Green Bay), which is a competitor of
    KMB's. That company is a real mess. Most of the posts on
    the FJ message board are from disgruntled current
    employees who feel that is the best place to air their
    dirty laundry. Too bad...

    Oh well thought I'd
    just say hello and see if any others out there follow
    local companies like I do. It's alot easier to do when
    there's a good message board going, like with MTW. Keep
    up the good work, everyone....

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