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  • stephen_s_vice stephen_s_vice Oct 2, 2000 4:56 PM Flag


    manitowoc employment agencys and local companys
    have been exploiting our residents for years. And as
    long as we continue to provide them with workers the
    chance of getting a fare deal involveing employment in
    this county are slim to non. Local companys hire
    through temp agencys to avoid giveing employees benefits
    insurance and long term employment, and as you are employed
    by the temporary service there is a time line for
    your employment. These agencys are destroying our
    comunitys hope in growth. The discriminate against people
    with criminal records when not directly related to the
    position applied for which is against the fare employment
    act and other federal statues. And a person needing a
    job obviously hasnt the recources to challenge their
    discrimination. The rate of arrest and conviction of manitowoc
    residents are steady riseing and these people are our
    neighbors friends family. This comunity in the next 10
    years will be totally controlled by people from other
    comunitys. Law in forcement judges exct, notice alot of
    manitowoc officials are retireing and stepping down, all
    our children are accused and convicted where will we
    stand in this comunity?

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    • some people miss the point, im employed thats not
      the issue, the legal system are swift with labeling
      our friends and family as convicted felons, when they
      are involved with the law. Times have changed what
      got you drove home years ago will plain get you years
      today, and as these companys continue to discriminate
      and look to out side contacts the comunity changes,
      its not a matter of the rich getting richer and the
      poor getting poorer, thats been the case for hundreds
      of years, this is a matter of rite and wrong, if a
      person drinks and drives that means he cant work in a
      factory? Farm work? Because he acted irresponsible once
      hes not to have the privlage of suporting his family.
      This is wrong and the public knows it but dont see it
      effecting them, let me tell you if you have teen agers in
      your family liveing in this county it effects you more
      than you know.

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      • Keep them up. I for one appreciate your posts. I
        am a teacher and I have been bringing them into my
        third grade classroom so that my students can edit them
        for practice. Your posts are better than any thing
        that the textbook companies can make up! Keep them
        coming fella! And thanks.

      • what your saying may be true. That is if I
        understand your meaning.It's hard to read your posting
        because of your spelling & grammatical errors. Anyway do
        u think this is the place to discuss it??? We're
        just menial stock holders and employees. Maybe you
        should be contacting the board directly, that is after
        you get out of jail.

      • Stephen,


        (Manitowoc is not a farming company, so I don't really
        understand that second part.)

        If, conversely, a
        person DOESN'T drink and drive, then his ability to gain
        employment won't be affected, will it? So an intelligent
        choice would be not to drink and drive.

        I must
        say, the all-caps posts are pretty annoying. You could
        at least change that, even if you cannot learn to
        spell and punctuate overnight.

        >>THE LEGAL

        Funny about that. Being convicted of a felony will
        indeed cause you to be labelled a "convicted felon."
        It's just one of those things, I guess. Again, my
        suggestion would be that one not commit the felony if one
        does not want to wear the label.

        Anyway, what
        on earth does this have to do with Manitowoc, the
        company? Are you suggesting that they open their arms wide
        to the drunk drivers of Wisconsin? It sounds to me
        like your complaint is with the enforcement of the
        laws by the Wisconsin legal system, not with the
        Manitowoc Co.


    • the 1st thing u ought to do is learn how to spell,,,then you may, get a decent job.

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