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  • tiskierrant tiskierrant Jun 29, 2011 3:13 PM Flag

    GLUU is the mobile version of Zynga

    If Zynga is valued between 10-15 Billion, then GLUU should be worth more than $1 billion ($18/share)---not its current valuation of $276M.

    This stock is still way too cheap.

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    • Exactly.

      The last conference call says that they should be hitting their long term operating margins by the time they are in the upper $20's to low $30's Million in quarterly revenues.

      My personal guesstimate has been Q2 2012 for upper $20's Millions. That means if that is correct (?) that by Q2/Q3 of 2012 they are targeting 15% to 24% operating margins on quarterly revenue of $30 Million if I read their comments correctly.

      The market will begin to discount the 30% YOY (and accelerating) revenue growth that will be reported in Q4 2011.

      Year over year revenue growth should be between 45% and 80% for every quarter in 2012.

      The market will be looking into 2012 by September 2011 at the absolute latest.

    • GLUU's Circus City is a hugely popular social game similar to Farmville and Cityville.

      When Zynga goes public and raises $10+ billion from their IPO, I have a feeling they might consider buying GLUU to own the social mobile space.

    • ya run the effen numbers, players per day, and oh ya how about profitability...This is not an 18 stock on its financial merits, maybe on momentum and hype...not saying it cant get there, but right now is not enough substance for 18, maybe 6.5, or until the eps raises substantially and pay users rises dramatically. I am long and truly think 6.5 can be attained, and with momentum 8 or so, which is a great return on todays price. Now I have been trading this mofo, and am up, way up....I got out, well half out at the bell the other day at 5.25, still have 6k shrs, and looking to unload around 5.50 or higher, but like all of us longs, i want to see what zynga news does or if it is already priced in. Then buy on the dips again as this thing is volatile, which is great for trading, no margins though...later longs, look forward to Thursday, hope the rest of the mrkt is positive as well to give us max lift, whatever that last buy was not too long ago at 4.75, just i case you wanted to know, so not huge % gain unless you annualize it. I will see what I have done trading GLUU

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      • it is a traders delight. Have 11 trades all positive. Longest held was my first from NOv 10 to Mrch 11, made 18k. Have had 8 trades that I held one day or less, with gains fo 400 to 2700. Then held for 56 days for profit of 11.5k, and last one made 3k in 12 days, and still holding half that purchase. My purchases have run between 12k shrs to 15k shrs. Started investing30k in NOv 10 and have gradually increased that to 50k to 60k, depending on what funds is not invested. btw, this is really the only stock I do this with...I play some options with UA and AAPL some and hold stock in CMI, RPM, OVTI, and a couple others. still want to ride this up to the 6's, but a buying in mid to upper 4's.

    • Zynga will be valued at $30 +/- Billion at IPO date in the Fall - not a completely ridiculously low $10 to $15 Billion.

      Popcap is valued at $1 Billion +.

      Do the numbers for GLU.

      Think it is pretty obvious what the numbers say.

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