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  • smalltmeinvestor smalltmeinvestor Jan 6, 2012 12:03 PM Flag

    Are we headed down to the low $2.00's?

    That is what Cool did then rocketed back up to over $3.00 in 4 days. Not happy about all this manipulation.

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    • I don't know. Here is what I do know.

      There is a small sector of investors who play this "social/mobile gaming" industry. It is not large. The average amount of shares traded is only 1-1.5million per day or $3-4.5 million dollars. It is easy to maniupate.

      I have been in this sector (gluu, cool, mcz and some erts) for the past year. My favorite has been and will be gluu going forward. However, a trend that HAS developed and ppismo plays, is the run into earnings for gluu and cool.

      What I believe happens is that traders flip flop funds back in forth between the two stocks going into earnings. In this case cool reports their earnings in less than 10 days, while gluu reports in about 30 days.

      I expect after cool reports you will see the tide swing back from cool and into gluu as it runs into earnings february 6th.

      Until one of these companies "blowout" earnings and get fresh money and new investors into the fold this trend will continue. Go back over the last year and it happens to a tee almost every quarter.

      This has nothing to do with either company, just traders making a buck, which is what they are suppose to do.

      Just my opinon of course, but others can testify to the fact it happens.

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      • one thing that I noticed was Bug Village on Android is actually doing as good as any of the other games by Glu.

        another thing was the HUGE discounts on Facebook this weekend. MOST games were at 50-75% discount for the guns and armour and crap. Looks like they are looking for bonus money to me(DeMasi & co).

        1-9-12 and NOTHING on GEWKLAND / TOM GROUP ?

        Can't wait to read the whole story / terms with Frey in earnings. What was paid . Royalties. Actual sales or lack of. etc.

        Glu is being REAL QUIET.

        One good thing about Zynga getting its Glummie reamed is that it probably creats a bit more sense of urgency for them. Their shares / market cap being less then stellar right now has to have them thinking. If it went the other way...rocket stock......they would be in the drivers seat.

        who knows

        DUDwig talks tomorrow and Weds or Thurs. Waste of money. NOTHING NOTHING and NOBODY has jumped on this stock and company because DUD spook at a conference. LETS see...........
        High class hotel in Manhattan, driver, car service, first class plane tickets, assistant and room / plane, dinner at Sardi's Castellano's or Le Zinc.......a childish boy hooker, and per diem of 500.00..............

        Grand total 10,000.00 minimum...more like 20k.

      • Hmm, interesting. I'm going to check that out. Thanks.

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