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  • skimcpip skimcpip Dec 2, 2012 7:21 PM Flag

    Glu now charging .99 for Hells Belles; 6.99 for Contract Killer Zombies 2


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    • yes..a very disturbing one ...........YOUR A RETURD! DRINK YOUR FKN COFFEE FAST BEFORE YOU POST !

    • Rclay you might be right about "hail mary" but a true hail mary is more like Q3 release a fusillade of games.

      If they add more of that Q3 list of titles to the 99 cent bin you will probably be right.

      Other hand this could be a simple test that Ricchetti and Demasi see to as you say squeeze revenue from FAILED games.

      And if the resurrected Bombshell gets back to the grossing charts, then they get revenue and learn, and will probably re-release more 99cent.

      Let's see what happens

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      • I agree that if it works they should do it to all games. I guess the surprising one to me and why I say Hail Mary is due to contract killer zombies 2 being 6.99. I mean that game has been out 1 week and its now a premium game.

        Anyways here is what I think, if you make single player games like contract killer, frontline commando, stardom, dh reloaded etc... They should charge to download and make them premium.

        If they are pvp games that create a huge multiplayer user base then they should be free to encourage downloads, competition and in game purchases once players get hooked.

        Lets see if they release a press release, I'm interested to hear their thoughts.

    • This is absolutely terrible and will go down as the worst management decision of all time. The trend for the top grossing charts are still 99% freemeium games. I'm beyond frustrated and this is will not propel the stock, but bring it back down to the $2.20 level for all of 2013.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • They are not switching back to a paid model, they are just adding it back to certain games that are harder to monetize from the freemium model. This diversifies the ways they make money. What would happen if freemium goes out of style for some reason? Then they would be screwed. As a business owner, I certainly want more than one revenue stream.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Translation... I am frustrated ( implying owning the stock ) Strong sell recommendation ( implying I sold and want back in cheaper now ). Too funny. You just don't understand all the big money is now propping up gluu.

        Your 200 share sell will not do anything with institutions buying/insiders buying/ and shorts buying ( short position has been going down at a very fast pace ). So yeah your 200 share sell will not matter.

        Big money knows where gluu is going and it is up.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This is GREAT news! They should have been doing this all along!! Diversified revenue streams for them and users now have what they have been asking for... the reviews clearly say, "I'd rather pay for the app than be asked to buy things repeatedly." And others say "This is a great game, especially for being free, even though they are constantly asking you to buy things, but i can't really blame them haha."

      What this shows is that they are open to change, and that is key. They are also building metrics to show people are willing to pay upfront for GLUU's games. This is something important when an acquirer is checking their financials.

      Some games are easier to monetize through the freemiuim model and more value is created that way.. Building based on the freemium 2.0 model limits the developers ability to create great and unique games. That is why they have been recycling the same 3 format games with a different theme over and over, because they are built to drive in app purchases and they have been moderately successful with them.

      This is definitely news that was needed to propel the stock to the next level. They either needed a hit new game (which is very difficult) or to better monetize off of their slew of good and mediocre games. If they get the results they are looking for and start showing results, we will see new all time highs.

      This will likely save the scrapping of many of the games pushed from Q4 to Q1, that may have been killed because they weren't good fermium platform games.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Can't confirm the $6.99 for CKZ2 Still shows as Freemium.

      Assuming Glu has done their homework and so they believe $0.99 will generate more revenue than freemium for Bombshells Hell's Belles. It has moved onto the grossing charts with the 99 cent move so at least a positive start.

      Bombshells Hell's Belles was major grossing disappointment for a game with generally good reviews.

      Experimentation with the monetization models brings more data for Glu to further refine it's revenue strategy. Hell's Belles couldn't have done any worse at launch so whatever additional Data Mining information it provides only helps GLUU going forward and if it turns out to gross much more as paid versus freemium then all the better.

    • Trying to cash the Holiday spending mood?

      It's in iPad top grossing 93...I think next week ranking determines the stock's next 2 months momentum.

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