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  • travel4fun2day Mar 19, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    Is Everyone a day trader?

    I would think everyone is a day trader or something. I can understand short making comments every 5 minutes as they don't want to lose their shirt if this pops but you longs out there saying things like oh well, or death to GLU are just silly. In the last 2 years this stock has traded as low as $1.60 and as high as $6.10. Following daily can give you heart palpitations.

    If you are a day trader, have fun- good chance to make $0.20-$1.00 per share in any given day.
    If you are short- you will cover at some point unless you shorted like $1.00 strike.

    If you want to get long- I am talking 6 months, 1 year, etc... buy in is not bad in the $3.40 and may even get in at sub $3 if you wait a little while but at some point down the road you will turn your computer on and see a $4,$5, $6+ gain....

    The bottom line is in a few years you longs will either make a great profit or of course something terrible will happen and GLU will be bankrupt, that's life in the speculative game.

    If you can't stand the ups and downs buy some GE or MSFT or WMT or anything else... but personally I willl keep big position long and maybe play with 1k or so shares on a daily basis. worse case scenario is I average down my GLUU shares.

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    • The stock has become synonymous with volatility as investors have witnessed wild swings in stock price for some reason or the other. like Osborn said this is just another opertunity to buy the dips...... 8 Analyst are looking at the stock and have yet to write about the stock.The presentation should bring in some additional large investors interested in getting into the space. Do you really think GOOG APPLE EA ATVI MSFT SAMSUNG NOK CZR dont want to monetize a platform like GLUU has and demonstrated in the UK? This PPS is chickenfeed as to whats around the corner............. They are shaking the branches and I ffel sorry for the sellers.

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