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    How To Play Online Gambling

    By Callum Turcan - March 19, 2013| Tickers: FB, GLUU, ZNGA| 2 Comments

    "Final Thoughts

    If you had told me Zynga and Glu Mobile were worth looking into a few month ago I would have laughed at you and pointed towards their valuation and terrible stock performance. But now that the times are changing, it seems these stocks are worth taking a look at. It isn't just the US gambling market to look at--they also are moving into international markets as well. The UK market is growing fast and offers a lot of potential to these two companies. But the UK already has a lot of competition, so the US will offer the biggest rewards and the biggest chance to gain a lot of market share, as long as Zynga and maybe Glu Mobile can get a first movers advantage. It will be interesting to see how these stories play out and would probably be worth taking a small speculative position in these stocks. Already Zynga and Glu are up big, but larger gains lay ahead."

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    • 11) Many major casino players—including Harrah’s, Rank, MGM Mirage and Las Vegas Sands—have been looking into online gaming as a way to increase their market share and reach consumers who might not be willing to come to their physical casinos. 12) The UK partnership could lead to world wide partnerships. Even Government deals 13 Partner , merge and strong posiblity of a take over- Many major casino players— traditional game makers , INTERNET LEADERS, the market will condence as the segment holds strong opertunities. 14) Social gaming—games hosted on social networks such as Facebook that are meant to be enjoyed and played with friends—has taken off in the past year, and online gaming companies are closely watching this growth for even more social games such as bingo. 15) Sporting portals are popular and could have advertising and links to placing bets. Sporting pubs could utilize social atmospheres. Gathering and events could bring in the apps and give events an exitement that has been never experienced. 16) The emerging markets could experience the huge growth of online gambling Europe enjoys. 17) According to a study by Arthur D. Little, the online gaming market is opening throughout Europe, with annual revenue forecast to reach 8 billion euro by 2012. Following the examples of the U.K. and Italy, and under pressure from the European Commission, many other countries are currently preparing for a control-led opening of their markets.

    • Motley Fool has less credibility than the homeless guy out on the corner in front of my building. Complete hacks pulling #$%$ out of thier a@s to pump and dump what they choose.

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