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  • bauherk bauherk Jun 4, 2013 3:00 PM Flag



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    • there is talk zgna might buy out any minute grab some shars

    • L2 showed lot of big bid coming in, today just normal weak market day so GLUU follow it. I bet it will bounce back up hard tomorrow.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Well, there have been quite a few up days in the stock market and it hasn't kept GLUU from dropping further. I caught notice of the trading anomaly in GLUU about a 3 weeks ago with the 2 sets of 300k shares at 2.80 that kept the pps from dropping further all day but never once went through all the way into closing. I was half expecting to see the 600k shares at the same bid price supporting the pps the next morning but they were nowhere to be seen. The pps crashed 20 cents. Who or what was behind that 600k support?

        Ever since, I have been suspicious of buying into huge demands for shares at the bid. I don't pretend to be an expert at detecting market patterns but this one just caught my eye ever since and I have immediately pointed it out for all to take heed.

        And I don't mean to burst your bubble but I do not believe GLUU will bounce back up hard tomorrow. There is absolutely nothing to bring that about for now.

        Have you seen the BloombergTv interview with the CEO, DeMasi? Interesting development regarding their Deer Hunter series which will be launched as a real-money -competition -capable game at the end of this month. That might be the next time GLUU rises solidly. And it'll do so based on hype alone since not enough revenue stream will have been generated in so little time as to have an impact. Just as was the case with the announcement of the association with the casino oriented enterprise, and then last week with the one regarding a California based company, SKILLZ for their real-money mobile gaming needs. Short lived rises (one stronger than the next) and then the realization of little or no revenue stream from it and the resulting crash.

        I imagine if GLUU keeps accumulating these kinds of partnerships, good things including a much sought after market darling status will bring about a more permanent rise to new 52-week highs and beyond because only then will you know for sure that GLUU is definitely solidifying its hold on RMG.

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