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  • delphioracle2013 delphioracle2013 Dec 31, 2013 11:01 AM Flag

    Time to sell GLUU and buy FTNT for a better 2x probability

    Is it worth hanging on to money losing GLUU ... Won't it be better to sell GLUU now and buy FTNT for a better 2x probability ...

    Compared to FEYE with EPS of -$3.16 for 2013 and -$1.34 for 2014, with PPS over $43 ... Is FTNT worth 4x of FEYE or the later is worth only 1/4th of FTNT ...

    Doesn't FTNT look to be getting ready to Rocket Out Through The Roof ... There seems to be quite a few analyst/research upgrades for FTNT which you might be able to find through your brokerage links ...

    Recent financial reports shows FTNT generating Operating Cash Flow of $151.01 million for 136.90 million shares making $0.92/share in Operating Cash Flow ... compared to that FEYE was making a loss of 33.57M for 120.82 million shares which is a loss of $0.0.28/share ...

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    • Won't it be wise to sell GLUU which is above its PPS target of $4.15 and buy FTNT for a 2x and/or buyout probability ...

      FTNT looks to be the best security appliance buyout candidate among FTNT, PANW, IMPV, CUDA , PFPT & FEYE ... where CUDA & FEYE looks to be the most hyper inflated stocks

      Stock____ Cash____ Debt___ NetCash__ Stocks___ NCash/Sh__ 2014Revnue__ 2014Rev/Sh__ 2014EPS__ PPS__ P/E___ Nxt5YrGrowth_ PEG___ Float/OutSanding%__

      FTNT__ 513.02M___ 0.00M__ 513.02M__ 163.46M__ 03.14_____ 0685.20M______ 04.19______ 0.56___ 19.27__ 034.41____ 16.05%___ 02.14___ 136.90/163.46_=_83.75%_

      PANW_ 436.73M___ 0.00M__ 436.73M__ 072.49M___ 06.02____ 0735.15M______ 10.14______ 0.75____ 57.44_ 076.59_____ 33.75%__ 02.27___ 049.26/072.49_=_67.95%_

      IMPV__ 106.82M___ 0.00M__ 106.82M__ 024.96M__ 04.28_____ 0172.03M______ 06.89______ 0.12___ 49.69__ 414.08____ 25.00%___ 16.56___ 020.61/024.96_=_82.57%_

      PFPT__ 079.59M__ 02.78M__ 076.81M__ 035.91M___ 02.14____ 0165.36M______ 04.60______ -0.27___ 34.18_ -126.59_____ N/A_____ N/A____ 028.72/035.91_=_79.98%_

      CUDA__ 030.19M__ 04.98M__ 025.21M__ 050.02M__ 00.50____ 0229.77M______ 04.59______ 0.04___ 36.00__ 900.00_____ 20.00%__ 45.00___ 006.69/050.02_=_13.37%_

      FEYE__ 327.71M__ 20.00M__ 307.71M__ 120.82M__ 02.50_____ 0406.37M______ 03.36_____ -1.42___ 57.90__ -40.77_____ 55.60%___ N/A___ 030.24/120.82_=_25.03%

    • FEYE is acquiring Mandiant for over $1 billion and it looks like that acquisition has left SYMC with a black-eye and SYMC has a big gap/vacuum when it tries to pitch against FEYE ... SYMC seems to be lacking a functional/optimal physical/virtual security appliance, and may have to acquire FTNT to fill the vaccum ...

    • insiders sold it baby.......FTNT graph sucks as hell.......and it's slow

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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