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  • hpinker2323 hpinker2323 Apr 4, 2014 2:40 PM Flag

    Can anybody explain to me what is going on with this stock??

    I am just in shock with what has happened to this stock over the past 3 weeks. We have lost 25% of our value within this time period. I have never seen something like this happen especially with all the positive news we have had. I have not seen ONE negative article regarding this stock in this time period, yet we are plummeting?? Do we see this stock falling even more??? I am sick over this and can't bare to watch this anymore. I am thinking of selling and taking the hit for I only have 15k invested, but good god almighty what in the hell is going on??? Any answers would be greatly appreciated and if you are a basher please limit your comments for i don't need any more negative sentiments at the moment. Thank you to all who post and let us hope we can pull out of this horrific rut.

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    • haha watch and learn rookie. Looks like you're the one getting burned.

    • Rotation?? Market Correction??
      The recent selling has hit a lot of sectors...Solar has been hit hard, Technology stocks, Bio stocks. Today was just a BIG sell-off day, but it has been going on for a few weeks.
      I would be buying these dips, if you believe in the stock(s).

    • This is just my opinion, but I think there is some fear that management can't create a game with staying power (other than DH14). Why do I say this? Because I know of at least one analyst who is bullish on this stock, who previously state that he expects great things from Fronttline Commando 2. This was a few weeks ago. He said it was possible that it could surpass DH14 for the lead in the GLUU line up. Well, the verdict is in, and it bombed. Of course, one bad release doesn't mean much, but there has been a string of new releases that showed early promise and then totally bombed. So the question has risen: can this company create another game that sticks on the charts for longer than one or two weeks? That is the perception that they are currently fighting, and only time will tell. Also, the recent meltdown in the NASDAQ is not helping things at all. That accounts for some of the last months decline. But keep in mind this stock was being sold off before the NASDAQ took a hit.

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      • I don't agree. In fact, it is Glu's ability to make money without hits that makes this an attractive investment. They are not dependent on a one hit wonder (as is King and Zynga to a certain degree). They only forecast-ed 1/3 of revenue coming from DH for this quarter as an example (DH has easily hit this by the way) and have said MANY times in their investor calls that they do NOT FACTOR in hits with their forecast...only improvements from previous releases. These guys are making money on games period. Hits are great..but their whole guidance was created WITHOUT factoring in ANY hits. Also, they are on record in March saying many of their games are performing better than forecast.

      • Yes,another good game would do wonders. I think every thing else is in place.

    • Just shorts doing their thang,rinse and repeat.Just bought more,for the ride up.

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