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  • bobhals bobhals Feb 18, 2008 12:37 PM Flag


    Wonderful. Worship the killing power of our military. Glorification of the military does nothing but lead to Militarism, or what Eisenhower labeled many years ago as the Military-Industrial complex. Doesn't it bother you that we spend more on the military than any practically all the nations combined? Oh, and sell more than any other nation?

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    • Maybe so, but without our miltary the stinking Taliban would be in control of this country. I suppose you want to dis arm Americans also?

      A weak America is just what our enemies want! You must be a bleeding heart hand wringing liberal.

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      • How is the Taliban or anyone else going to take control of this country? Think instead of blindly accepting what you're told by a media that is more and more a striking resemblance of Pravda and very little like that of a free press. Do a little reading, that's what the Internet is all about... enabling people to get alternative information that is 1000% more truthful than one you get from the mass media. But again, I would ask you how is anyone and especially a ragtag army several thousand miles away supposed to take control of this country? Please no cliches, but some serious thought.