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  • mble940433 mble940433 Nov 20, 2002 4:57 AM Flag

    Nice call Needham & Co.

    Needham reiterated a Strong Buy and target of 19 yesterday. (11/19/02) This comes after a downgrade to a hold from from AG Edwards on 10/30/02 at about the exact bottom. Now is it just me or is this strange you can get 2 totally different calls like this. And why in the hell is AG Edwards downgrading a stock at book value when its going to earn close to a dollar a share in the comming year? Not only that but with defence in play like it is, SYPR will take part. I guess we know who the crook is now. AG Edwards may fit the bill and I feel in a year we will all look back and see that they downgraded at the 52 week low. It amazes me how these guys get away with this stuff. So my point is to thank Needham for reiterating their strong buy on SYPR which in my opinion is an easy 40% from this point within 6 months.

    Anybody here?

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    • I'm sure there is a lot of frustration with the low volume and lack of movement with this issue in relation to all the other high flyers of late. I'm one of them. But like you I'm not willing to pull the trigger just yet. I think something is brewing...


    • Just fyi....I'm here. I followed you over from AVCT board. You made a suggestion to check this out so I did. I think it has good potential. This downgrade at the bottom stuff happens all the time. They are trying to get some share movement so they can get some at these cheap levels. With all the military talk going on lately, how can this stock not be favorable? I am disappointed with the low volumes however. It takes a major event to get any interest in this issue....maybe a major event is about to happen :)

      good luck mble,


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      • Great to see another with my views on SYPR. As a bargain? Seems there is nobody else here though. Maybe a good sign? I have to say, I am amazed at the lack of interest but am willing to sit around and wait for the price to reflect a little more of the actual potential. There is no way in hell I will sell here even though I own some shares at 7ish from over a year ago and am probably at about break even on the stock. I will say the last week or so, the stock has acted a little better and seems to have found some strong buying the morning they dropped it to below book value. I think it was there for about a second. Wish I would have had an order in but if I would have, it probably wouldn't have fell that morning. I now have 3 buy orders in a little over a point below us just in case they pull that crap again. I look for 14ish soon and tempted to go ahead and buy more. But I am like you, would like to see some more promotion of the stock first as the volume on this many shares is very low. Insiders still own alot, so it may be years before I see the interest here I wish it had. Oh, well, when and if it comes, it will come fast.

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