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  • killerbeas2x killerbeas2x Jan 4, 2002 1:01 PM Flag

    Re: This board is so boring.....

    I am still around. I have patiently waited for Plexus to hit $32, so I could short it. I was hoping for a Santa Claus rally in Plexus. Unfortunately, the idiots who "invest" in dead horse stocks like Plexus must be running out of cash (or possibly getting wiser). I am champing at the bit to short this dead horse stock. Looks like I should have shorted it at $29.

    One of my brokerage buddies in midtown Manhattan advised me to short PLXS at $28. He said S&P slapped PLXS with an "AVOID" rating just before Christmas. (Can someone verify this?) Belated congratulations Plexus. Your S&P Rating was well deserved and well earned.

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    • It sure is nice to have you back injecting a breath of stale air into the message board. I had kind of thought you were busy shedding your skin. But PLXS lost .50 today so you had to come back, no doubt by popular demand. Hell I had to take the brunt of the slams while you were gone and I am pro PLXS. I hope your happy that I was there for you.

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