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  • georges10 georges10 Mar 19, 2000 1:51 PM Flag

    What's up. No cheerleaders????

    I havent seen your signature on this page in a
    while. Not since we chatted about the Crusher. I bought
    WEX and I managed to put the growth of that stock to
    a halt but so far I havnt been able to do the same
    to Plexus. I love the 3:1 projection. Lot of thought
    and research went into that one.. I actually heard
    that the split was to be 5 or even 6 to 1. I mean if
    we are just going to throw out BS numbers we may as
    well make them good. The last meeting members said the
    stock may go higher but that it would have to stabalize
    at about 55 before a split would be considered. And
    I dont believe 3:1 was even mentioned. In fact the
    word split didnt even come up diuring the formal
    meeting only in side conversations later. By the way I
    got restationed in Sartell MN for about the last 5
    months. Your MN winters sure are mild compared to our
    Green Bay winters. I may start to vacation here in the
    winter to get away from the cold.

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    • my stocks going up. I'm had some big gains. TLGD
      12 to 120, BRKT 9 to 30plus,Damark 8 to 28 sold that
      one to soon. PERL 2.50 to 21 sold!!! did that one
      right. I'm s_____ing the fed and state
      government,because I have JMAR in my roth account. 2.50 to 15 plus,I
      also have SEH,solid company,in my roth. I also
      thinking about adding tvfqx or pbhex to my roth account,so
      I can s---- our fine governments. Still have
      TLGD,BRKT, in my personal account along with PLXS,plus a few
      more. They say let your winners run,sell your losers
      but I may sell PLXS at 70??? Need your opinion on
      that one!!!!! Yes I did have some
      losers,INVX,REAL,DOTX,some global junk,plus a couple other small ones. Still
      hanging on to REAL and INVX praying that they come up a
      little so I can unload. WEX may take some time, hope you
      didn't bet the farm on it. I also have 600 shares of WEX
      in my ROTH. Ive had TLGD for two plus years. No WEX
      is not going to be another TLGD. I have to get back
      to my new radar screen, to see if I can fine some
      more TLGD or PLXS type companys. SEE YA PS Minnesota
      winters are usally not nice, you just luck out or maybe
      it was the alninyo???? stuff in the air. REMEMBER

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      • Sell if you must but it is my feeling that when
        the new technology building comes on line around
        Sept. of this year, that will be one big draw for
        attracting new, larger contracts. Mr. Strandwitz mentioned 2
        or 3 years ago that Plexus hires only engineering
        graduates in the top 10% of their class. If Plexus has a
        reputation for anything, it is for their technology
        division. Don't want to hazaard a guess but I suspect that
        a year from now, $70 will seem like a bargain
        price. I think in a couple years Plexus will be a tier 1
        ecm and be a power to be reckoned with. I believe
        this company is just beginning to flex its muscles.

      • last Nov?? Read the Dec 99 qrt report and research and PLXS looks good, but I couldn't get any news before 11/15/99.

        Pretty quiet baord for +5 pts today.


    • Need your check out my last message to you. See Ya

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      • George I screw up on the last message,I didn't
        check it before I pushed the little mouse thing. Also
        check the message I sent you. It's nice knowing someone
        really is concerned about you. PS Never was good at this
        grammer stuff,I hated all my english teachers??? D minus
        all the way through my education years in English
        classes. Hope your not a English teacher???

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