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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal May 28, 2010 12:48 PM Flag

    Streng will win, in the end...

    The alure of socialism borne out of populism is too great. We can only hope to slow it down so our kids can have a decent life.

    Once 60% of americans don't pay taxes, there will be socialst politicians EVERYWHERE saying "don't worry, we'll take care of you, just vote for me".

    How can a strong-willed, bold politician who understands the role of capital in an economy stand up to that and say we have to lower our living standards and compete internationally to survive.

    Look what's happening in Greece... I'm sure most Greeks know what needs to be done but they're all blaming each other for the socialist vortex that they're spinning down the toilet in. The next riots will be in Germany, a country that "undertands" the importance of capital (they have no capital gains tax there) and where they RESENT having to bail out a socialist vortex like Greece.

    But it's all smoke and mirrors today. When I look at the upcoming "medicare Dr. fix" and the $900 million that Alcoa wrote off toward health care reform, I LAUGH when I think about how Obama cooked the books with those phony CBO numbers for Health Care... it's going to cost 4 to 5 TIMES what he said it would.

    The 10 years of taxes covering 6 years of healthcare should have given even STRENG a clue as to what was going on... at least we were INFORMED about that smoke & mirror.

    Nothing is harder to reverse than encroaching socialism. As long as there's another politician who tells you he can spend you into a better life, it just pulls more capital out of the system and raises another person's living standard above what he produces.

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