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  • azblood azblood Dec 20, 2011 2:07 PM Flag

    Obama is talking....

    Rally is over... short everything

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    • ... was Obama's mentor when it came to presentation skills, taught Obama to be "omni-present"... eg, speak VIA the media every single day to drill your message into people constantly, just like an I.V.

      In essence, it's a form of brainwashing... if you want people to hate capitalists, you need to tell them to hate capitalists EVERY SINGLE DAY...

      ... and they will obey and re-elect you.


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      • Except he doesn't talk "every single day" as you claim. And he doesn't hate capitalists. Show me the link and text of him saying he hates capitalists.

        And if raising taxes on capital gains back to 20% from 15% is "hating capitalists" and "punishing job creators", you must really hate Reagan because he raised captial gains taxes from 20% to 28% in the Tax Reform Act of 1986. But even after that tax increase, George H.W. Bush raised taxes again (even though he said to read his lips) and Clinton raised them again in 1983. Then we had the largest expansion and job creation in our economy ever seen.

        So don't make yourself into a fool by claiming Obama hates capitalists when the evidence in recent history (1980 to now) is the opposite. If low taxes and regulation were the answer, then why isn't it working since we've had the lowest of both since 2003 (8 years)?

        You are such a right wing talking point stooge and everybody can see that.

    • If Obama is talking, it's bound to be all lies.

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