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  • dr_bernstien55 dr_bernstien55 Feb 1, 2012 3:15 PM Flag

    Occam's Razor & the Bulldozer Principle

    REGARDING RIG's run from $38.5 to $48.5 (a $10 victory for those who bought in December).

    Occam's Razor states the the simplest explanation will be the most plausible until evidence is presented to prove it false. RIG has never been proven that they are liable for any damages as their indemnification clause is Iron-Clad. The proof of the pudding is the run from $38.5 to $48.5 and will continue to do so. The Market is always right.

    The Bulldozer principle states that Shorts who were Shorting heavily are much poorer and now completely desperate, and they got Bulldozed to the ground for being so wrong. They are dead. To revive the Dead and listen to them for being 'correct' is not only lunacy, but dangerous and will bring you bankruptcy. It's like listening to zombie sounds of moaning in disbelieve that they are actually wrong and dead and bulldozed to the ground.

    $60 - $70 here we come.

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