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  • bobtiano bobtiano Jun 1, 2012 9:47 AM Flag

    stocks crushed pre-market...

    Look at the air lines, and other shippers when Oil is dropping as a buffer.

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    • This is too compelling of a buy down here for the big boys who have a one or 2 year horizon. Doubt it can make it a new 52 week or 7 year low and may well end green today as the big boys are chomping this thing up right now. Who doesn't think this will go back to 50 at some point soon for a nice 25% from here. To much upside for the hedgies to ignore now. A bargin stock price not seen since 2008 with nothing to justify it but rhetoric. No one said it was going to be easy or not be scary. Always darkest just before the dawn.

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      • In respect to the other drillers, RIG is doing very well, go look at SDRL.

      • oh and the jobs data was factored into the market yesterday. So where does the market go this afternoon after the head fake down? We can keep selling off on the basis the sky will fall in this weekend or we can postion for a move up next week with a new positive rhetoric coming from from the corrupt media and MMs. I suspect we bounce and you will see positioning for that later today with an amazing market come back. I think they have run stocks, oil and gold as far into the ground as they can with what ever minor rhetoric they can find and spin.

        Reality check! What really changed in the world in the last month or 2 to cause oil to go from 110 to 83 dollars per barrel. Nothing but rhetoric, goverment lies of record surplus to try snd get oil prices down and idiot re-elected, goverment rhetoric about regulating oil speculators to get oil prices down and idiot re-elected, media spinning Europe and collusion with the speculators, MM and the big hedgies. Total bs and manipulation is all. Not one darn thing has really changed since February now has it???

        Good luck

    • only buy airlines when they are under stress and only for a trade. losers hold airlines.

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