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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Aug 7, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    Hillary Clinton... Very Likely America's Next President

    The reality is that Hillary's chances of winning in 2016 are very good. She is currently the favorite in most early polls.

    It's all about "name recognition". People wrongfully equate Hillary Clinton with Bill Clinton even though Bill Clinton was a "centrist", and Hillary is philosophically on the "extreme left" of the ideological continuum.

    Indeed, in the first year she was a US Senator, she was widely regarded as the furthest left of ANY US senator at the time... including such socialist icons as Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd. NTU ranked her to the left of all of them on the basis of her votes and advocacy on some 60 different issues... she scored a "3" out of 100, which was the most liberal score ever tabulated by NTU for a US Senator at the time.

    The biggest problem is that most of Hillary's core constituency is un-aware of just how extreme her philosophy actually IS. Like Obama's constituency, most of those who would vote for her know very little about what she actually thinks, and is likely to assume that she is similar to Bill Clinton when nothing could be further from reality...

    ... which was much of what was going on when Bill moved so substantially toward the center after the GOP congressional sweep in 1994, and Hillary ended up politically estranged from white house policy and snug in bed with Vince Foster.


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    • I pray I am on the jury for the person who drowns that witch in her own urine. I will recommend that person for an award of citizen of the century. Who would vote for janet renos sex slave?

    • Hillary will be the Next President for only one reason -. Majority of Americans love Hillary. Any attempt to paint Hillary as Incompetent, Not Fit, Radical, relation to Benghazi etc etc will backfire big time. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Romney, Rand Paul, Martinez, Palin, Jeb Bush, Nikki, Jindal all put together will not even get 70% of votes that Hillary will get. Basically, there is no competition here.
      Just remember, Obama got re-elected with more than 8% unemployment. The only guy that can be good competition is - NJ Gov.

      Gone are the days when wingnuts could decide presidential election. As a republican, I would say why not nominate Bloomberg or give Arnold chance. Southern Republicans carry too much baggage to get elected for White House. You got 1.5 years to think.

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      • Don't forget Ronald Reagan II who is to be found. The Dems cannot produce a Reagan

        Sentiment: Buy

      • Unfortunately, it's far more of a popularity contest than it is any kind of deep understanding of how a candidate stands on the issues... and in Hillary's case, even those who agree with her ultra-left philosophies are more inclined to consider the goodies they'll get than to look at the damage that all that massive government spending will do, just as it has done in Greece.

        America is just economically illiterate.

        60% of american employees don't know that their employer pays for half of their Social Security (FICA taxes).

        75% of americans think that if they get laid off, that the government pays for their unemployment compensation... they don't KNOW that their former employer pays for the whole 26 weeks of benefits.

        95% of americans don't understand the concept of the "double taxation of dividends"...

        ... a reality that Obama exploited VERY successfully in his mis-characterization of just how much tax is paid on Mitt Romney's earnings VS those of Warren Buffett's secretary... whom he seated in the front row of the State of the Union address to MAKE his invalid point to the 95% of americans who didn't know the truth.

        I've tried for over a decade to get a required economics class in my local high school and even offered to TEACH it (I've taught finance/econ at the University level)......

        .... to no avail... the teachers and their unions absolutely HATE the idea of teaching kids economics.

        Hillary WILL be the most liberal candidate on the primary ballots in 2016... but name recognition like-ability will get her elected because most americans are very, low-information voters.


    • If Hillary Clinton won't answer her business phone at 4 PM when one of her ambassador's is under attack, why would she answer a call at 3 AM in her residence ever? Consider this: 1) She's unqualified for the job; 2) She's nearly old enough to be John McCain's grandmother already, she'll probably be senile in three years if she isn't now; 3) Everything she manages is a nightmare (Libya, Whitewater, North Korea, Egypt, Syria, Haiti, Bill's social agenda, healthcare for the US, the list just goes on and on); 4) the only business she should ever have in Washington is as an AARP tour member!

    • Hillary is a lying bi%ch like her lying husband--she is incompetent and would be a disaster for America

    • She got the Libyan Ambassador killed? Are you crazy? She is completely INEPT

    • if she wins, the USA will have had 3 terms of losing presidents and the economy will never ever recover.

    • Thanks for enlightening us who are not as gifted as you "old wise one.". We can't wait for the next bit of knowiedge that you will share with us.

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