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  • mktplyr517 mktplyr517 Aug 27, 2013 2:43 PM Flag

    RIG now sports a 5% yield...

    But that doesn't seem to stem the bleeding... could it be the POS Newman that is the root cause of the bloodshed?

    Wonder where the moron who called an idiot last week is... He said that I should credit Newman when the stock goes up... my question to him is... does he Blame Newman for the 6% hit since our discussion

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    • I took you off "Ignore" to sse if you were still posting your daily b---s---, and I see nothing has are still an idiot. Your imbecilic question doesn't really deserve an answer, but I'll answer it anyway. Of course it's ALL Newman's fault. According to you, everything wrong in the world is Newman's fault. You better sell that position you're supposedly holding @ $44.51/shr before the stock price falls below that; I can't imagine how big of a smacked a-- you're going to make of yourself if your alleged winning position turns into a loser. Now back to "Ignore" you go, never to be removed again. See you in 5 years when RIG is $100+ per share...

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      • Wow... I was on ignore.... but you had to follow me...

        Fact is RIG under Newman is in deep sheet... Oil is skyrocketing... and RIG is cratering

        There is but one direction to point the blame and that is management

        Only a complete moronic fool would think otherwise...

        Along with oil rallying..... day rates are at all time highs.... why is it that RIG can't even tread water? (RIG off 18+% since the May vote and 6% since our last little joust)

        Its because its run by a bigger moronic fool than you...

        Newman told the street that he was gonna cut costs big time in 2013.... but now he's moved that timing to 2015.... add in his "creating shareholder value" lies and you have a massive credibility issue with Wall Street

        RIG needs management that Wall Street and investors can trust... with the line of sheet that keeps commin from Newman.... we know for sure that this team is not the one that is gonna deliver on that front

        And here's a news flash... there is a strong probability that oil will not say at current levels.... that it will be less down the road as more shale oil comes into play... with that scenario... Rig won't even be worth $50 in 5 years...

        BTW when you answer this... your credibility goes to Newman's level because you will be a lyin POS just like Newman

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