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  • pctn25x pctn25x Feb 27, 2014 1:48 PM Flag

    ObamaCare is HAMMERING Middle Class American Families

    My premium went from $196 in 2009 to $509 in January.

    Since I can't afford that, I now have no health insurance coverage.

    It looks like only Obama supporters are able to afford Health Insurance now. They are the 47% of Americans who pay no federal income taxes, and they receive huge, Obamacare subsidies.

    Hard working, Middle Class Americans with incomes above $46,000 are the ones getting HAMMERED.

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    • What everyone needs to know about the Upcoming 2014 Midterm Elections.

      The following are Obama supporters up for re-election this year
      1) Gary Peters – Michigan
      2) Bruce Braley – Iowa
      3) Mark Pryor – Arkansas
      4) Mark Begich – Alaska
      5) Mary Landrieu – Louisiana
      6) D_l_C_K Durbin – Illinois
      7) Jeff Merkley – Oregon
      8) Kay Hagan – North Carolina
      9) Chris (Yahoo idiotic censors won't let me post the actual last name, but it is Cboons, without the b) – Delaware
      10) Brian S_C_H_A_T_Z – Hawaii
      11) Ed Markey – Massachusetts
      12) Jack Reed – Rhode Island
      13) Mark Warner – Virginia
      14) Al Franken -- Minnesota
      We the People better remember these 14 criminals in 2014

      And here is the mother of all Liars these liberal progressive oxygen bandits supported

      “I promise 100% transparency in my administration.”.
      “I promise NO NEW TAXES on a family making less than $250K a year.”.
      “I will allow 5 days of public comment before I sign any bills.”.
      “I will remove earmarks before I sign any bill.”.
      “I will end Income Tax for seniors making less than $50K a year.”.
      “I’ll put the Health Care negotiations on CSPAN so everyone can see who is at the table!”
      “I’ll have no lobbyists in my administration.
      I'll close Guantanamo Bay.
      I'll resign if I don't cut the deficit in half by the end of four years.
      I believe marriage is between one man and one woman.
      I won't seek re-election unless unemployment falls below 5%.
      I'll unite the people of this great country.
      “If you like your insurance you can keep it”
      “If you like your doctor you can keep him
      The ACA will save most family $2500.00 a year
      etc.etc. and so on...
      PLEASE REPOST TIL November 2014, maybe eventually it WILL STICK!

    • But, what was your premium in 2013?

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      • It was $327 in 2013, Stan.

        Remember that the first attributes of Obamacare took effect in 2010. The only way to fully guage the impact of the Affordable (sic) Care Act is to compare 2014 with 2009, and add in an allowance for health care inflation, which was fairly low during the overall, post-recession lull in inflatoin we have seen.

        Insurance companies are already warning of steep increases in Obamacare premiums next year, due to the fact that Middle Class americans are opting out rather than pay the extremely inflated premiums that are already in place... while sicker and heavily subsidized Obama Supporters rush to get health insurance for little or no premium. Young people are also avoiding Obamacare in favor of much cheaper "temporary" policies that don't cover pre-existing conditions.

        My guess is that the $509 they want from me for 2014 will rise to $700 or $800 a month next year... and I've STILL got a $6,500 deductable that dictates that I wouldn't get a DIME of medical payments until my out of pocket is well over $13,000 in any year. That's ridiculous, and it's why I'm NOT signing up for Obamacare.

        For comparative purposes, I'm a 60 year old, non-smoker.

    • "Since I can't afford that, I now have no health insurance coverage"

      If that's the case, you will be fined on your 2014 tax return. The fine will go to pay for the too lazy and indigent people's health care. They'll have health care that you've paid for and you'll have none. That's how Obama's system works. And the public elected/reelected him. Take from the productive/workers and give to the lazy. Hahahahahhahahahhaha.

    • you should be executed for making irrelevant statements on the RIG Board, dumbo!!

      • 1 Reply to donalhump
      • I see that you are an Obama supporter, Mr. Hump.

        Obama has done huge damage to companies like RIG, Mr. Hump.

        During the 2010 midterm election campaign, Obama tried to get democrats elected by declaring that "the gulf of mexico drilling ban is hearby LIFTED"... to great fanfare.

        After the election was over, Mr. Obama's administration didn't issue ONE SINGLE SOLITARY DRILLING PERMIT for an ENTIRE YEAR.

        He basically did to Transocean what he did to people who had their previous health insurance policies cancelled...

        ... he LIED.

        EVERYTHING about Obama is relevant to his impact on RIG. The 2 are inseparable, Mr. Hump.

    • But you can take comfort in that all the deadbeats and welfare folk have 100% coverage with no deductibles or co-pays. Barack praises your sacrifice.

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      • Goskiing99,

        Record cold winter (Obama's fault), weeds in my garden (Obama's fault), your girlfriend left you (Obama's fault)...I'm not rich enough (Obama's fault)

      • I'm still skiing though!

        A day ticket on the ski hill costs me only 1/10 of what Obama want's from me each month for the lowest-end, Obamacare "bronze" policy.

        All the "gold" policies are for Obama's heavily-subsidized supporters.

      • Like 2 ships passing in the dark, dark night of Socialism.

        Hard working Middle Class americans are losing their policies, and getting Nailed with Astronomical premium increases...

        ... while people who sit at home all day watching Soap Operas are getting their health insurance policies Virtually FREE.

        Employers are scrambling to reduce full-time workers to part time to avoid Obamacare... with worse US un-employment being the result.

        People are now incentivized to reduce their work hours or work for cash under the table to qualify for Obamacare subsidies... just like they did to survive in Soviet Russia 35 years ago.

        Obama illegally (without congress) delayed the Obamacare Employer mandate to keep people from experiencing the Horrors that THAT will produce just ahead of next fall's elections.

        ... and the New York Times delivered Obama 3 more "Pinocchio's" for saying that twice as many people have signed up for Obamacare than is actually true.

        I haven't signed up to replace the policy they cancelled on me, because I can't AFFORD Obamacare when they increase my premium as violently as they did.

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