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  • IVLEEG IVLEEG Sep 15, 2006 9:00 PM Flag

    Thank you, President Bush,

    for providing the National Defense that too many of those living here aren't cognizant enough to realize they need.

    You have the steadfast support of a grateful majority, proven beyond any doubt by your election and re-election to our highest office of trust. That speaks louder than any sob-sister democrat loser on any monitor or television screen in the Land.

    Let the Monday morning quarterbacks play all the fantasy games they wish. That won't change a thing because in the final analysis most Americans come to realize this fact: in the current Islamic jihad against secular Civilization, most democrats stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Al Quaeda in favor of personal political gain.


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    • Note to self. Thank the President for:

      His long lasting effort to give Iraqis the freedom to worship another God.

      Reminding me he has family from Mexico.

      Crafting a failed "decapitation strategy" before any Americans had died in Iraq, then forgetting it.

      Keeping Saddam alive while thousands of brave American boys are killed.

      Keeping Osama Bin Laden alive to give us someone's death to pray for.

      Losing the Korean War by supporting South Korea's sunshine policy, making the deaths of thousands of Americans from a generation ago in vain.

      Keeping thousands of troops in South Korea to be sacrificed
      FIRST so he can get the political support to use a nuke.

      Getting his bloated out of control government down to adding a trillion dollars every 4 years to the taxpayer's debt.(He is very proud of that)

      For having my friends and me empty our pockets and hold our hands in the air like a criminals while going into our stadium, just so we know we are free from secret explosives.

      End of today's short list.

    • what the hell...dirt bags like you always generalizing about Islam, learn some history and you well learn that the western civilization has alot to thank the Muslim world for getting it out of the dark ages and sparking the renaissance and modern world, Muslim majority don't care about west they just want to be left alone, the small minority that are acting like idiots where once friends with US(ex Saddam, Taliban, Bin Ladin....)stop generalizing and be realistic the actions of few are not representation of peaceful religion Islam

    • Milky.......
      Thanks for the props. I'm in NYC also, and the Jenine Pirro scandal is indicative of what I see as the Republican curse right now. The right will say that the Dems are playing politics, like with Foley. But the fact is these people engaged in scandalous activiity. The Pirro controversy is one more good thing for the country in that once again one of Guilliani's boys (namely good ol' Bernie Kerrick) will be the kind of dirt needed to keep Rudy from getting elected in 2008. I felt a bit of sympathy for him around 9/11, but that saved him and he's profited nicely from that, and might help him get the white house. Let's hope not.

    • There are plenty of "liberals" who voted in '04, and once again ONE state was the deciding factor. Fortunately for you Bush lovers Kerry had the integrity to concede to defeat without dragging out the legal proccess as was the case in 2000. The results of the election in 2004 are still questionable. Fortunately for Bush, Florida was not the deciding state.
      I can imagine the conservatives/Republicans are smarting a little right now with all the Foley news. I just heard someone refer to G.O.P. as gay old party.....hahaha.
      But seriously, Bush has been a travesty to the office. The notion of offering someone like a Saddam Hussein in lieu of a Bush is laughable. That's like telling a bad child that instead of a spanking they can opt to go to bed every night for a week without dinner. What kind of alternative is that?
      I can assure you, by all indicators right now, that we'll get some change in this country. Finally the chickens are coming home to roost. This is the kind of optimism this country, and Wall St. needs. But beware, things will not all be chocolate and roses, there will always be bumpy times ahead hand in hand with good times.

    • Just a couple spelling points

      it is others not other
      it is disagree not diagress
      it is actions not dactions

      Given the degree of denial in the current administration how do you know he did not walk down the hall and get permission?

      I am not wishing a dictator on anyone simply trying to point out what we got is better than the alternative. I for one do not trust or like many politicians. I believe that they may start out good but the system will corrupt them or kill them. I most certainly do not like whiners. If your not part of the solution then your part of the problem. Rock on mikymikeus.

      I do however like Adobe, the products and the direction the stock price is headed. So buy Adobe stock/products, vote when you can, be good to others or have someone like myself tell you where it belongs.

    • Nearer term, Adobe is preparing to launch Acrobat 8, its first major product since the Macromedia deal closed. Acrobat 7 came out in January 2005.

      Acrobat 8 features a streamlined user interface. The interface is task-based and presents users with options for the documents they create in Acrobat's PDF, or portable document format. For instance, users will be directed to secure a document, digitally sign it, share it or combine it with other files to create a package.

      Another option for users will be to have an online meeting about a document.

      That's a new feature in Acrobat 8, thanks to the inclusion of Macromedia's Breeze Web conferencing technology. The meeting application is called Adobe Connect.

      "The key for us in this release is to expand the definition of Acrobat in a lot of people's minds," said Tom Hale, senior vice president at Adobe. "We want to drive home the message that this product is about a lot more than just PDF creation."

      Acrobat 8 also gives small and midsize firms the ability to create online forms, Hale says. Previously, only large enterprises had access to the forms technology.

      Work Flow Approach

      Adobe is transforming Acrobat from a document-creation tool to a collaboration-work flow product. Microsoft is taking a similar approach with its Office productivity software suite.

      Both the document creation and Web conferencing markets have much room to grow, Hale says. About 500 million PC users have the free Adobe Reader product for consuming documents. But only 25 million have Acrobat for creating PDF documents, he says.

      Hale estimates that the Web conferencing field is only 25% penetrated. In that field, Adobe will compete against WebEx Communications (WEBX) and Microsoft's Live Meeting.

      Pricing for Acrobat 8 is unchanged from the current release. Prices are $449 for the professional edition, $159 for an upgrade of the professional edition, $299 for the standard edition and $99 for an upgrade of the standard edition.

      The Adobe Connect service costs $39 a month for anyone wanting to initiate a Web conference.

      Analysts overall are bullish on the company's stock, but expectations are high. Adobe's sales and profit growth should be in the mid- to high teens over the next two to three years, Pyykkonen says.

    • Posted 10/3/2006

      A major product refresh cycle is under way at Adobe Systems, (ADBE) and Wall Street is optimistic that it will provide significant growth for the company.

      San Jose, Calif.-based Adobe plans to release Acrobat 8, its latest software for electronic documents and work flow, in early November.

      Adobe plans to release Creative Suite 3, the next version of its popular collection of graphic design applications, in the first half of 2007.

      "As far as the next product cycle, everything seems to be lining up," said Martin Pyykkonen, an analyst with Global Crown Capital.

      Adobe shares have been rising ahead of the new Acrobat and Creative Suite releases. The stock closed Tuesday at 36.75. It's up 39% since late July, but is 10% off its 52-week high.

      The stock got a boost after Adobe beat Wall Street's estimates for its fiscal third-quarter results announced Sept. 14.

      The company posted earnings per share of 29 cents, excluding one-time charges, for the quarter ended Sept. 1. That was flat with the year-earlier period. Sales rose 24% to $602 million.

      Adobe is now integrating into its own products the products it got from its December acquisition of Macromedia.

      These products include Flash, for delivering multimedia content online, and Dreamweaver, for interactive Web design.

      For instance, Acrobat 8 contains Macromedia's Breeze software for Web conferencing. Creative Suite 3 also will contain former Macromedia products.

      How To 'Stimulate Purchases'

      A big question hanging over Adobe is how much of a dip in revenue it can expect in its creative solutions unit ahead of the Creative Suite 3 launch. Some buyers looking to upgrade might decide to wait until CS3 comes out, says Ross MacMillan, a Jefferies & Co. analyst.

      "No one really knows quite how sharp the deceleration is going to be ahead of the (Creative Suite 3) product cycle, particularly in the January quarter," MacMillan said. "Everybody knows it (CS3) is coming. So how do you stimulate purchases of the existing CS2 product and the other products that sit within it, like Photoshop?"

      There's a pent-up demand for CS3 among creative professionals who use Apple Computer's (AAPL) Macintosh PCs, he says. CS3 is the first version of the product suite to run on Apple's new Macs using Intel (INTC) chips.

      About 20% of Adobe's total revenue comes from the Macintosh platform, MacMillan says. The rest comes from software for Microsoft's (MSFT) Windows PC operating system. But the Mac share could be about 40% for the creative solution segment of Adobe's business, he says.

      The company's creative solution business unit accounted for 56% of Adobe sales through Sept. 1. Adobe's knowledge worker solution unit, which includes Acrobat, was the second largest contributor, making up 26% of sales.

      Adobe has done a good job getting creative professional customers to upgrade from CS1 to CS2 in recent quarters, Pyykkonen says. Adobe has explained to customers that it would be difficult to leap from CS1 to CS3, especially for work flow applications.

      May 1 Release?

      Pyykkonen predicts that Adobe will release CS3 on May 1. Adobe executives are guiding analysts lower in their financial targets for the firm ahead of the CS3 launch, he says.

      Creative Suite 2 came out in April 2005. The Creative Suite bundles products � such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and InDesign � popular with graphic artists.

    • jcannon1 Oct 3, 2006 11:18 AM Flag

      There is no one else that I can tell who I would rather see in the White House for the next 4 yrs.To bad it can't happen. jcannon1

    • Oh yeah, I'm a witch.....I put a spell on the market today. Give me a break. What are you a misogynistic, gun totin' redneck, Promise Keepers rally attendin', male superiority type?
      Most of the people I know that know how to use Adobe products are creative, thinking people that know the difference between a sham (i.e. Bush, Cheney) and a thinking leader (i.e. Clinton, Kennedy, F.D.R.) with foresight.
      Remember Clinton left Dumbya a HUGE surplus which he proceded to squander away on LAME tax rebates before 9/11.
      Do you really feel more safe with a half wit that the rest of the world hates?

    • SHHHH... she may still be searching.
      She has a that does get interesting, think I am having a vision.

      I sure hope November elections go the right way.

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