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  • chillen2307 chillen2307 Oct 24, 2007 4:13 PM Flag

    I'll be taking too...

    but not profits..... I'll be taking your shares... as you unload them.... been buying since 28... and plan to keep on adding..... There is not one bad thing about this company right now.... or in the near future..... there is only one way this stock is headed and thats up and towards the next split. The only reason 2 reasons why someone would sell this stock.
    1. They need the money....
    2. They don't want to make anymore money!

    good luck!

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    • hey sfisco... i am hoping and assume you mean 55.... :)

      goodluck longs.... although with this company... one doesnt need luck... but patience...

      I am a graphic designer and my company just purchased the CS3 suite for our dept. I work on a mac and its just really impressive...

      now that pc's will rival apples ilife suite and packaging adobe products WOW...

      alll this is just gravy compared to what Adobe will be doing with its macromedia software... especially FLASH (TV, mobile phones)

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      • chill-

        higher prices on ADBE are always welcome by me, I'm IN.

        at the same time, this is one of those companys where if it were to drop to 45 from here, I would buy more, that's what I meant.

        so, as the less enthusiastic, ignorant, or day traders get out, I will pick them up (their shares) along with you. 45 would be a gift because I won't have to buy more at 50 and 55! ;)

        regarding your familiarity with Adobe products, I am also involved closely to design stuff in my line of work and use Photoshop/Illustrator etc.. I see ADBE as the software equivalent to AAPL in terms of making solid, high end products that everyone wants and/or needs.

        one thing I've learned from AAPL as a user (as well as yourself) and in watching the stock, is that if you know from first hand experience that a company has the right products, and especially if you have used something to compare it to (PC's) and find that one far outweighs the other in many areas, well, it's a BUY.

        now let's take this to 60 by january, first stop, whadayasay?

    • I agree totally.

      ADBE hasn't had a split, maybe we will see one next year.

    • ay ay Mate!

      alll aBoooooard!

      45 from here would be a gift, but the chances are low.

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