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  • coderrek747 coderrek747 Sep 16, 2009 2:03 PM Flag

    OMTR good investment


    It is too bad the CEO did not have the foresight to put his cash to work back in March but with OMTR growth rate and Adobe’s customer base the OMTR acquisition should be valued over 7 billion dollars even if the world continues in this deep recession. If the world comes out of its recession the OMTR growth rates should explode higher and a 7 billion dollar valuation on over one billion dollars in revenue could be achieved in less than two years. A 346% return is nothing to smirk at it could have been 700% if the CEO had some balls.

    It is nice to see Adobe get into search, now how about a search engine, web browser, and a operating system. Adobe will still have over 1 billion in cash at year’s end and it is good to see that go into growth rather than blowing it on stock buybacks and hoarding it the bank. The street does not value a company like Adobe for cash on hand so they might as well spend it.

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    • Why should adobe build a search engine, particularly since they have indexing capabilities and plugins in within pdf? Are we talking a business specific search, ie an area adobe has no expertise in? How much money do search engines make anyway?

      Why should adobe bother with another free web browser which will lose money and tie up company resources, particularly since acrobat can connect to existing ones?

      Why should adobe build an operating system considering the shift in commercial use is to free operating systems (both solaris and linux eg) which would cost money to develop and provide no return?

      I'm even curious about why they are taking the risk of getting into ecommerce metrics at a time when most ecommerce businesses have peaked out their revenue and are starting to miss their targets due to market saturation, a bad economy, and a consumer thats appears somewhat more reluctant to buy garbage? If anything one would think performance metrics would be a better sell for an ecommerce businesses margins than a competitive and unlucrative field like 'customer acquisitions' and 'conversions'? I think this strange voodoo believe in shotgun marketing as a solution to poor product development was created by people who have not read history and are out to make a short term quick buck (who didn't know Detroit existed, forgot that the folgers is not a growth coffee , things like that). Too me it seems at odds with adobe's long term business interests, which used to be creating a solid innovate product, becoming the dominant product in the market and defending that position successfully with acquisitions and continued development. This goes the other way in my opinion.

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