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  • stockwatcher4u13 stockwatcher4u13 Oct 5, 2010 10:42 AM Flag

    Why Bashers don't bash bad stocks - shorts don't want this post up!

    LESSON 2

    Bashers bring up old news that you have heard many times.

    (1-9 in above link... shorts keep trying to get rid of this post, but if you are tired of all the BS that they post trying to scare you out of your Adobe shares... then give this a 5 star rating!)

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    • I love the message at the bottom of the article. If everyone would call then maybe someone would do something about it.

    • A few desperate shorts still hanging on and starting to panic. GS upgrade is icing on the cake to consolidate the bottom where they picked up shares at bargain basement prices. By the end of the week, or next week we will see the uptrend put into place. It could go up as fast as it came down. These boys don't want to waist time these days and make money quickly. The investment game rules have changed and it is all about quick money and manipulation. Go see the new "Wallstreet" movie and realize that this will continue to get worse not better. Hand slaps and token persecutions will not deter those who are fixated on power, wealth and control. For now Strong Buy on Adobe to $34.

    • ADBE is way oversold right now. Awesome buys, as it will be above $28 by 11/1

    • Now even the analysts are bashing the stock as they bash the idea of a buyout. What I've learned about analysts is that they are usually behind the curve when it comes to predicting what a stock is going to do. They were thrown a curve ball with the rumors and meeting with Microsoft and Adobe and since their firms that the analyst work for may not be fully invested in the rebounding Adobe... they will certainly say things contrary to what may be going on in hopes to bring the price down far enough to jump in. It is time to buy on the rumor and then sell on the new when the actual announcement is made. Any more news to ad fuel to the rumors, like a meeting with Google or Apple will now add to suspicion - true or false - that a buyout buy one of the three companies is going to happen.

      Two things that have me wondering are:
      1- Adobe has not announced any buyback plans while the stock has reach 52 week lows. If they do know of and are considering buyout options, then it would be illegal for them to buy stock now and sell it once they are bought out at a higher price!

      2- There has also not been any stock purchases by upper management since the 52 week lows. Another indication that there could be something brewing... like a buyout or a merger

      Food for Thought!

    • Way to go Johnny!

      "mike2020, you should be getting contacted by some interested folks in your recent postings. Good luck with your explanations about how you did not know it was against the law to spread fraudulent info on message boards about public companies."

      If we report these guys they will catch them through their I.P. addresses. Probably some paid basher using a school computer

    • What lies short will resort to! Claiming "hackers were actively exploiting and the entire 9 Million Software sales are beingrecalled costing 1.2 billion potentially." - This action is an attack and is even criminal. THis is the length that these creeps will go to in trying to scare you to sell your shares. I hope everyone here reports this to the SEC and as I have.

    • Thank you I totally agree. I'm hoping that tomorrow we have a more civilized day. I think that Adobe took the hoax very seriously and will prosecute. Anyhow... I hope they do!

    • Well I'm sorry I missed all the excitement today, but I am so happy for all those who stayed long the past 2 days. The shorts were getting desperate with the lies and illegal tactics. I knew something was going to happen soon. Felt it in my bones. I believe today is just the beginning, but the shorts and basher will have you believe the both Adobe and Microsoft are going to disappear and are dinosaurs... Really... Apple cronies who don't realize who actually has the lion share of the market shares when it comes to software and computers.

    • Honestly - I should have known right away that it was a hoax, but was tempted to sell until I started to rationalize that this could never be real. Honestly a recall of a software program! Anyhow this would be a great April Fools Joke, but it happened just when the stock started dropping off a cliff. This was an orchestrated attack and if everyone writes to Adobe those hurt by today's manipulation may have legal recourse. Thanks for the support!

    • Don't even bother answering their stupid questions trying to get their post to the top of the thread. They are simply trying to scare you out of your shares. Volume of 10M is strong for an up day. Once the short covering kicks in it will be huge. That is what shorts are scared of and will try anything to get you to sell!

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