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  • pixdr pixdr Oct 13, 2010 6:42 AM Flag

    Makes more sense for Apple to Buy Adobe

    I have been a registered user of Adobe Photoshop since version 1 and have been using Apple computers since that time.
    Most all of my colleagues in the advertising field use Apple computers and the Creative suite by Adobe.
    For us this is the industry standard.
    I have been watching this potential buyout with much interest.
    This could change the industry if one of the bidders were to buy Adobe and decide not to support the other platform.
    In the near future my plan was to purchase a new Mac Pro to replace one of older Mac Pro computers.
    I have put these plans on hold for now as I am going to see how this plays out.
    Most of Apples core business in computers is in the advertising and desktop publishing field. It makes more sense with me that Apple would be the top bidder if a bidding war starts.
    If Adobe is purchased by Microsoft and really wants to corner the market would they eliminate support for the Apple side of the business?, could the same be true if Apple buys Adobe.
    In my mind I see Apple as the high bidder in a bidding war as there would be no reason for me to own Apple computers without Adobe products running natively on that platform.
    I have a smaller position than most but will watch and see what happens with my 300 shares at 27.56
    Any bidding war could potentially define the future of advertising and publishing.
    Good luck to all.
    (I purchased my shares originally as I felt that the company at these levels was undervalued. I still feel that way.)

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    • Maybe some Company someday will buy Adobe. Adobe has a lot of value to offer in terms of products and users. The people on this board have been talking about Apple, MicroSoft, Google as being prospective buyers. But it has not happened. Apple has the money so why don't they. Oh maybe they just don't want it. Time to move on folks. It is not going to happen anytime soon. Besides Apple is a music store that sells computers. Adobe does not deal in music. Regardless of your choice of computer, mac or pc, what does it matter if Apple bus Adobe. I don't understand this preference for buying CS from Apple instead of Adobe. I you love apple that much and dislike Adobe that much go buy from Apple. They are both good companies, Adobe is just better at providing tools to express your creative ideas in electronic and printed form. You know that and that is why you buy from Adobe. Apple would most likely do more damage than good to the most excellent s/w packages. So just tell us your real reason for dising the company. Do you people go to the Apple boards and talk about buying Adobe. not that I can see. I don't even think your using any adobe products except the free reader.

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      • I have a lot of money invested in Adobe software as you can read about in this initial.
        As far as Apple is concerned, I would suggest going to Apple's website and look at the software that they make and sell.
        Adobe would be a match made in heaven for them as least as far as the creative community is concerned.
        I work all day long on a pair of Apple Mac Pro's using Adobe's CS5 Design Suite Premium.

    • Maybe whoever is interested in buying Adobe will wait until the new year. Possible tax implications and the new congress may reduce the capital gains tax? Who knows?? I believe Adobe will climb back up to the $34 - $36 range on its own.

    • I totally agree with you and I also own a Mac. For those people here that think all Adobe makes is Flash and that the company is dead and will be taken over by Apple... do not understand that Adobe has and will be the leader of creative graphic design software. I remember the day when printers and magazines would only accept designs laid out in Quark. Those days were replaced by InDesign and forever Illustrator became the standard as soon as it was released. When Adobe purchased Macromedia they enhanced the Adobe name by offering the best web design software with Dreamweaver. Front page and other Microsoft products were left in the wind as the standards of Adobe products were made. It is one thing for someone to take away the lead with a great product, but for those who argue that Apple will come out with something greater than Flash has yet to be seen and I doubt that will happen soon. Adobe makes great creative software that every year becomes better and better. I for one think that people are getting sick of changing to the next great software company who comes out with a "one trick pony!" Adobe CS has it all from graphic arts & video editing to web design & music editing - and everything in between. Adobe has the best products on the market. Apple computers would cut off their nose to spite their face if they let Microsoft buy Adobe!

    • Oop's, I put in the wrong purchase price in my post. I am in with 300 shares at 25.76 I must have a bit of dyslexia this morning.

      Go Adobe

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