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  • nolferik nolferik Sep 9, 1999 10:59 AM Flag

    Take a look at EVCM

    This share will increase exponentially in a short period of time. Rumors about BIG news everywhere ! Very undervalued !! Get in before it is too late.
    Good luck with adbe

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    • You have no idea who you are talking to, do you?
      If you did, you would not even think to try to
      "teach" how to trade.

      There are many ways to trade
      profitably, and you have no clue as to what system I am
      using. Hint: It doesn't involve stock at all.

      have made far more money in the markets than Mr.
      Darvas, thank you....

    • Oh I see. You mean it will test 50 AFTER the two for one split announced today.

    • is always a matter of the opinion of the analyst.
      For what it's worth, the S&P Investor's Monthly (ex
      Fidelity's site) has a fair value portfolio, which they
      update monthly. For several months they have been
      updating/adding to their estimate of Adobe's fair value. The last
      one I saw was in August. At the share price then (mid
      80's) their fv estimate was 101. Will have a look and
      see what the more recent one says.

      Have also
      been smarting with yesterday's nosedive...but took a
      deep breath and bought more just before the close.

    • to the fear/mm's yesterday will not be pleased at the end of today's trading.

    • I'm no expert by any stretch -- and I don't have
      a specific bias
      about Adobe but I have seen
      some site(eg. and compuserve)
      that have a fair value of ~55 for ADBE. I do know that
      Microsoft which is by far making more money than ADBE is
      trading in the 80's. While in SF I went to the Seybold
      thing and Macromedia had just as many people at their
      booths as ADBE. Ulead was somewhat slower. I also noted
      that Internet interest seemed less energetic than in
      January at the MacWorld Expo for site building. These
      observations, naturally, are not scientific.So I do think that
      Adobe might be a little over priced for its value - but
      perception is everything and if people perceive it to be a
      dynamite stock it will be I suppose. Good luck traders.

    • Read Nicolas Darvas's book, "How I Made
      $2,000,000 in the Stock Market." It works well for the momo
      rides like this one. As everyone knows but seldom
      follows...once you find the right stock, the trick is in the
      trailing stop and allowing it to kick you out of the
      trade, whether you like it or not.

      Check your
      emotions and trading bias TraderJim. The stock is starting
      to show signs of losing its steam and you're excited
      about buying in on 9.7% dips with almost 3 times the
      normal one-day volume? I'm counting 6 days recently
      where the top has been challenged and rejected. The
      "buy" you're looking for comes on a breakout about that
      ceiling, NOT at the bottom of the current trading range.

      Sell on your stop and add on breakouts to new highs.
      That's the ticket laddy.

    • PAPO, I bought some the other day I got an email.
      I like what I read about it. It definitely could be
      the next

      Did you get this

    • PAPO is getting noticed all over the

      I am hearing rumors that Morgan Stanley is
      extremely interested in this story. The stock is trading at
      $1.00 Very few people even know about it right

      Wait til everyone else finds out about it. PAPO
      recently acquired WorldLink. WorldLink is very similar to

      They Broadcast concerts live on the

    • Forget him Trader Jim, He's just pulling our
      chain. Obviously, he is clueless to Technical Analysis
      and your talking above his head anyway. I plan on
      buyig after it opens and settles down, maybe an hour
      later. You don't want to get caught up in amateur hour.
      C-ya, gotta go eat...

    • Ummmmm, have you tried computing the trailing 12
      month or forawrd looking 12 month PE ratio, or the
      Price/sales and Price/book ratio for ADBE, and then compaered
      it to the rest of the sector?

      If you do this,
      you will quickly see that ADBE, even at $105, is at
      the low end of the range among this sector.

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