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  • TOMM1015 TOMM1015 Sep 18, 1999 12:07 PM Flag

    ADBE is Internet Stock with Profits!

    ...in the next 2-3 years the internet stocks that
    are very profitable will be the new leaders. ADBE is
    a perfect fit here. The best part is that they are
    only a $1 billion revenue company and have much room
    for growth...worldwide. All of the discussions about
    broad-band will allow Adobe products to be more efficient
    and common place....This is a 2-3 year hold at least.
    I expect we will be seeing another 2-for-1 split in
    30-36 months...

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    • one's own judgement. I have countless examples to
      to wait for "just two more points" before I buy,
      only to miss a 10 bagger two years down the road. I
      have resigned to "buy at market" if I really like the
      stock. Got in at 108. Sold Jan 125 calls at 8. Plan to
      add to my position on Monday if prices goes

      You once posted the link to check globex futures and
      I bookmarked it. I have since reloaded my OS and no
      longer have that site. Will you post it

      Seldom Blue

    • I'm very hopeful this will pan out. My ONLY
      concern is the general market. Although over the past few
      days the prognosis is good for ADBE. It hasn't gotten
      caught up in the downdraft at well. In fact, it is
      showing great strength in a toppy market.

      original position is now fairly deep into the black. Quite
      honestly, I held back some funds as I typically nibble
      first before taking the plunge. I was hopeful for a dip
      to allocate additional funds. I got the dip the day
      before earnings (-$10) but didn't react. The nervous
      nellies gave me my opportunity and I hesitated. If there
      is any phobia I possess after many years of
      investing, its my tendency to hesitate.

      The market
      may offer another opportunity to buy additional at
      cheaper prices on Monday. Globex currently down pretty
      good and another 6.5 aftershock hit Taipai. The chip
      and PC hardware stocks will take it on the chin again
      Monday and may result in putting some pressure on ADBE.
      Although, that pressure has been absent over the past

      Time will tell, I just may give up and allocate more
      early next week.

      Good luck to


    • Thanks for the tip. I will probably get in a bit more on dips.

    • Hi,
      Call me crazy, but I went ahead and bought
      some more Adobe on margins and would do so again if
      stock goes below $107/-. Based on my limited knowledge
      of market and Adobe's earnings for the next
      quarters, I decided to increase my position in Adobe for a
      short while (for at least 6 to 9 months). Adobe's
      earning estimates for next year has been raised
      dramatically to $3.75/- (high estimates) and which adobe will
      beat easily. Based on 3.75 and p/e of 40 (TTM) Adobe's
      should be trading at $150/- or more pre-split same time
      next year. I think Adobe will be growing tremendously
      (more than 20%) next year. I think to sustain same
      growth rate (20%) for the year 2001 and 2002 Adobe
      should take some measures (either to maintain the growth
      rate or to invest in future products to sustain the
      same growth rate), otherwise analyst will raise the
      bar too high for Adobe to reach. Any
      TraderJim what do you think what happened to market on
      Thursday? Is it the last correction for year 2000 or still
      more to come? S&P looks terrible?
      Investors will be keeping a sharp eye on U.S. retail sales
      data slated for release on Tuesday, and U.S. consumer
      price data on Wednesday. So next Thursday we will see
      where the market is headed.
      OT: I bought some Intuit
      after the big dip yesterday, please comment if it is a
      potentially good buy or disastrous. I highly value the
      opinions of posters on this board. INTU board is not very
      BTW what happened to Akibono, it has been long time
      since we heard anything from him? Are you still around?
      Miss opinion differences between Akibono and
      Sorry for the long post, I know it is boring but I have
      nothing to do.

    • Stock possesses all the attributes to head
      higher. From a business fundamental standpoint it lacks
      nothing. It has a dominate position in the marketplace,
      outstanding array of brand new products, strong cash
      position, rapidly increasing earnings, positive earning
      surprises, no long-term debt, strong management, and great
      alliances. It has all the ingredients to become a 3-4 bagger
      in the next couple of years.


    • ADBE right now possesses some of my favorite
      attributes. 1) positive revenue and positive earnings
      revisions, 2) relative strength after an earnings report
      (especially the last 2 days), and 3) a stock split. Looks
      like ADBE is heading higher.

    • Hold the stock. To some extent, I am pleasently
      surprised the general market malaise hasn't carried the
      stock down a touch. I won't be surprised at all to see
      a run for the mid 120's prior to split record date
      which is Oct. 4

      This equity is a keeper for a
      minimum of two years. Rule of thumb from many years of
      investing. Ride your winners until business fundamentals
      become negative (ADBE doesn't fit this criteria, they
      are just beginning to fire on all cylinders), dump
      your losers before they become big

      People are an interesting breed, they're quick to dump
      the winners (thereby proclaiming victory) and slow to
      dump the losers (ego and not wanting to admit they are
      wrong). This mentality typically results in no meaningful
      gain over time.

      Another option if you want to
      protect some profit is to sell an amount that would
      result in letting you ride with the house's money. Only
      problem with that is you leave money on the table if it
      continues to rise.

      Bear in mind that ADBE still
      trades below its respective industry multiple. Since its
      a leader I believe it will eventually trade at a
      premium to its industry P/E. That price is much higher
      than we currently are parked at.


    • I agree with the first response given but what to
      take it a bit further. A company does not causally
      split there stock in order to give us folks out there
      double amounts. Rather what the company is saying is our
      stock is at a point where it might become unattractive
      to future investments, and saying we are expecting
      future growth. If you will take a look at ADBE's last 5
      Q's you will see they have had to trim the
      fat(reduction in force), while improving there product line
      with Acrobat, Photoshop, GoLive and InDesign to name a
      few. I think Adobe has put them selves in a position
      to see growth in the stock after the split since
      FY99 comes to a close NOV 30. Considering Adobe has
      had excellent profits for 3 of the 4 Q's of FY99 and
      the 4th Q presently should see good revenues I would
      think your 42 a share stock which is going to double
      October 26th will see a good increase. If you at the end
      of FY99 feel it is a risky investment, and the stock
      is (which i bet it will be) above your original 42 a
      share then think about your options of selling it all,
      or part or 1/2 and reinvesting else where. However
      you choose I think you will have one thing to say..
      it is profit and you will not be unhappy with it...
      Good luck in whatever you choose.

    • The ADBE 2-for-1 split occurs October 26, 1999 for stockholders of record on October 4, 1999.

    • And what are its terms? Thanks in advance.

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